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15 gorgeous Curly Pixie cut ideas

Often girls and women with curly and naturally textured hair feel as if they are experiencing something akin to a pixie cut just to cope with their unruly hair. And while it may be true that curly hair is a lot to deal with, we’re also here to tell you that we’ve found 50 curly pixie-cut ideas that actually make you fall in love and wish you could get them not feel obliged to. Look at it!

1. The Kinky Curly Pixie cut

The kinky curly hair is so incredibly beautiful that we felt we had to put it on our list first. If you opt for this haircut, it will be an overgrown elf that will absolutely adore you for the sense of freedom that will give you.

Kinky Curly Pixie cut

2. The Spiral Curly Pixie cut

If you have spiral curls, we recommend leaving some longer strands in the front when you get the haircut. In this way, you can enjoy this fantastic gift that you have received from Mother Nature. You should know that curly curls are actually quite rare.

spiral curly pixie cut

3. Pixie cut for thick curly hair

Embrace the thickness of your curly hair and give it new life with this overgrown blond pixie cut. The darker base makes it look slimmer thanks to the contrast between the brown and golden honey flowers above.

honey blonde curly pixie

4. Short Curly Pixie cut

Short pixies are the best pixies, right? This white chalk version is absolutely glamorous, especially when combined with bright red lipstick. It will make you look like you’re a complete movie star.

chalk-white curly pixie cut

5. How to style a curly pixie

If you have decided on a super short Curly Pixie, these ear cuffs are certainly the way in style. They are the absolute latest trend and, frankly, look how cool they are. You can take something more restrained or the full-crystal decorated piece.

Cinnamon curly pixie cut

6. Long Curly Pixie cut

When you think of a long pixie cut, it does not necessarily mean that long strands hang over your face. You can get a bit Millennial over your cut and opt for this great asymmetrical long pixie with a shaved side and shades of blue and green.

dope curly pixie cut

7. Curly Pixie cut black hair

How romantic does this pixie look like? Not only because of the Lolita sunglasses, but also because of the hair. It’s a short crop of jumbo curls sitting on her head like a real organic crown.

Fluff locky pixie cut

8. The unicorn Curly Pixie cut

It’s probably obvious why this is called the unicorn cut. The curly pony was styled on the front in a hard, three-dimensional V-shape, which happens to be pearl-blond too. The result? You are now a curly unicorn!

Unicorn curly pixie

9. The Blue Curly Pixie cut

Nothing fits together better than Pixie cuts and unconventional colors. Maybe just PB and J. The idea here is that a touch of color can add depth and dimension to your unruly mane and make it a lot more fun to look at it.

blue curly pixie cut

10. The Alicia Keys

Here is a reminiscence of singer Alicia Keys back when she also had a short and naturally curly pixie cut. We absolutely love that the front was longer, the pony made her look soft and sweet.

Alicia Keys Locky Pixie Cut

11. Hair color Stripes Pixie cut

Can you just make a fauxhawk out of the paint? Apparently you can do it. Obviously, we’re not sure if you can even call it a fauxhawk in this case. Maybe a technicolor hawk. Anyway, it’s a hairstyle that we love and that we would like to copy someday.

red stripe curly pixie cut

12. A Curly Pixie cut

If you already have a Curly Pixie Cut and now you want to grow it, we recommend that you consult your stylist. He or she will be able to trim your mane a little while you go and decide what looks best for your type of face.

shiny curly pixie cut

13. The Indigo Curly Pixie cut

We simply can not get enough of non-traditional colors in combination with Pixies. Look at this Inky Indigo and how fantastic he is at the gold of these giant hoop earrings. That’s what we call street style!

Indigo Curly Pixie Cut

14. The Purple Curly Pixie cut

Once you enter the Realm of the Purple, you will never be able to leave, believe us. You will fall in love. Purple has a way of hanging you and never letting you go again. Look at this beautiful shade mirrored in her purple make-up.

purple curly pixie cut

15. The Autumn Curly Pixie

Pixies are perfect for fall as far as hairstyles go because they allow you to wear as many thick scarves as you want without getting your hair caught in it. Here is a glorious shade of honey that will take you through the foliage season. There is also a full article about honey brown hair here.

Autumn curly pixie cut

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