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15 long hairstyles for round faces – stay calm and style your hair

A long hair is a dream for many. After all, long hair is something that most women crave. But also the care of long hair is difficult.

But despite this fact, there are so many women who still wear long hair.

The facial section plays an important role in determining the hairstyle that is suitable for someone. Not every hairstyle is suitable for every face detail. There are different hairstyles for people with round, long, oval, heart or diamond shaped face. The hairstyle is something that becomes the deciding factor for the overall look. The hairstyle makes you look classic, elegant, younger and beautiful. On the other hand, a bad haircut can ruin the look as well. Long Hairstyle for Round Face completes the look and underlines the style. For someone with a round face, long hairstyle would look perfect to complement the look.

The best thing about a round face is that almost every hairstyle looks the same. And long hair is something that can be styled in many ways to create a different but unique hairstyle. The different hairstyles that are suitable for the round face can be found below.

Side Parted Brunette Long Layered Hair

This long hairstyle is great for women with straight long and brunette hair. The hair length makes the look so elegant. The hair length is well below the shoulders. The hair is parted sideways and long layers were cut into the hair. The smooth and smooth hair brings out the haircut and makes it appear prominently. The hacked ends of the hair nicely caress the face frame and give the entire hairstyle a soft look.

Page Parted Brunette Long Layered Hair

Medium Parted Long Straight Hair

The medium length straight hair is for women who love to wear their hair long and smooth. The hair is roughly divided in the middle. The haircut is neat and is the same on both sides of the head. The hair is dropped freely on both sides over the shoulders. The lower ends of the hair on both sides are a bit messy to make them look classier. A bold dress with highlighted eyes would be the perfect complement to the hairstyle

Medium Parted Long Straight Hair

Mid Parted Long blond hair with waves

Long hair looks so elegant when waves are made in it. In this hairstyle, the hair was evenly divided into both sides with a middle peak. The hair length is long, which directs the focus on the hairstyle. Waves were created at the hair ends and the falling curls over the shoulders. The center parted long blonde hair with waves is the perfect look for a party or an evening.

Mid Parted long blond hair with waves

Dark brunette hair with curls and pony

Curls and pops together to create an elegant yet classy look. The dark brunette hair was split in the middle. The front pony over the forehead are neatly styled. While the entire hairstyle is clean and smooth, the hair on the ends has been curled and waves generated. Minimal make-up and a casual, classic dress make it more attractive.

Dark brunette hair with curls and pony

Medium Parted Long Black Hairstyles

Long and deep black hair are what most women crave. Also, it can be styled in many ways. The hair is divided in the middle. The sleek and well-groomed look is retained on top of the head. The hair falls freely over the shoulders. The hair on both sides was neatly styled in waves. This pretty hairstyle gives a soft look and makes the face stand out better. A white dress with minimal make-up would complement the deep black hair very much.

Medium Parted Long Black Hairstyles

Side Swept Dark Brunette Long wavy hair

The side swept long hair has been elegantly styled for a formal and a party look. The hair length is long and much below the shoulders. Women with a fine and supple hair structure can wear this look well. The lateral separation is done to separate the front closures on both sides of the hair. The front locks were turned to one side of the head. The long was elegantly styled and waves have been created that make it look gorgeous.

Side dark brunette swept long wavy hair

Middle parted long straight hairstyle

The middle parted long straight hairstyle is perfect to wear with a casual dress and minimal make-up. The hair is divided in the middle and the hair length is long. The round neckline complements the hairstyle very well. The hair is also very voluminous, which makes it easier to carry this simple style casual. The hair tips were highlighted. While the entire haircut is long, the ends of the hair were chopped in layers.

Middle Parted long straight hairstyle

Brunette long straight hair with bangs

The brunette long straight hair with bangs is well suited for all those women who like their hair long and straight. The hair was neatly cut with the same ends. The front bangs over the forehead, which makes the look unique and beautiful. The front bangs were designed to cover the forehead and hug the face frame. The slim hairstyle is dropped freely over the shoulders.

Brunette long straight hair with pony

Mid-parted hair with loose wavy curls

The center-parted hair with loose wavy curls is a perfect look to make the hair voluminous and elegant. The hair from both sides was left open with a middle parting. The hair is worked in loose and wavy curls on the ends and falling strands. This look makes the hair look voluminous and thicker. For a round face, there could not be a perfect look. This hairstyle makes the face stand out more and also creates an elegant look.

Hair with loose, wavy curls

Long flowing red hairstyle with waves

Long flowing hair that is red looks more elegant if done properly. Women with thin and fine hair can definitely choose this look. The texture of the hair makes the face look soft. The round face is emphasized by this hairstyle. The long, fine hair was turned into waves at the ends of the hair. The waves give the hairstyle more volume. The long hair was loosely split in the middle and the entire volume of the hair is worn on one side of the shoulders.

Long flowing red hairstyle with waves

Lateral Ponytail Parted Hair

A ponytail is the easiest and most comfortable way to wear long hair. In the side-parted hair with a low ponytail, most of the hair was pulled back and put together in a ponytail. A simple side separation was made to move the front part of the hair to one side of the head. Over the entire length of the hair, the texture is smooth and straight.

Side Parted Hair with low ponytail

Side Braided Long Blonde Hairstyle

To wear the side braided long blonde hairstyle, the hair length must be very long. The length of the hair makes the style so special. The silver-blonde hair is wavy and a bit messy on the whole head. The hair from one side of the head was taken and formed into a braid on one side of the head. The braid was not completely made, so it looks casual yet noble.  Page Braided Long Blonde Hairstyle

Page French braided hairstyle

French braids look good on every face, every hair length. For longer hair, the French braid looks better. In this hairstyle, the French braid was made on one side of the hair. While all the hair was styled on one side of the hair in this manner, the front strands were left open to fall over the forehead. The hairstyle is beautifully processed.

French hairstyle hairstyle

Medium parted hairstyle hairstyle

The hair length is very long. The hair is also straight, which makes it easier to wear this hairstyle. In the hair, a rough side separation was made. In the front part of the hair was cut a long layer. The front long layers make the round face appear more prominent. The long sections of the hair were made free falling.

Medium Parted Long Layered Hairstyle

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