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15 Scrumptious Fall hair colors

From summer look to fall look is not always easy, but we think we can make this transition easier with our fall hair colors. Of course, they are inspired by nature, because what is more beautiful in autumn than nature itself? So, sit back, relax, scroll through our fifty ideas and find the one you love the most. Although we have to warn you. They are all so gorgeous that it might be difficult for you to pick just one.

1st case Hair color for fair skin

Tradition has it that a fair complexion is complemented by a beautiful blonde. We say you turn the tables on this fall and choose this fiery shade of spicy maroon. It is so shiny that it looks almost like wood.

Spicy Auburn fall hair colors

2. Rich light brown hair color

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that fall colors have to be rich. Dark colors without shine and body are not present. This is, for example, one of the most luxurious browns we’ve ever seen, starting with a coffee tone at head height and ending in a dark caramel.

Autumn light fall hair colors

3. Dark brown hair with lowlights and highlights

Are you in love with your dark brown hair and you are not sure if you should get these blonde highlights? But you still have the feeling that your skin and your eyes might need a little light. Well, you know the solution, right? Lowlights.

natural dark brown fall hair colors

4. Red Copper case hair colors

As Matt slowly fades as a trend in both fashion and make-up and the metallic style takes its place, two new hair colors have emerged. Of course we are talking about copper and brass. Both are perfect autumn hair colors.

Red copper fall hair colors

5. Red and blond balayage

Normally we would shake our heads mixed to red with blond as you said broccoli on pizza. Even if it should fall to hair colors. But not before we considered a good amount of Balayage. It can really do wonders, right?

Balayage hair red and blond fall hair colors

6. Sunkisses

You have heard of highlights and lowlights. However, if you know your hairstyles and especially your fall colors, you should also pay attention to Sunkisses. These are invisible highlights that look like you spent time in the sun.

sunkissed chestnut autumn hair colors

7. Royal Purple

We already believe that purple and its entire extended family are popular among all fall hair colors. Well, we invited one more for dinner. Meet Royal Purple, a shadow that will make you wonder why you have not worn this earlier.

royal purple fall hair color

8. Winter is coming

What does autumn mean? Pumpkins, Halloween, beautiful colors, oversized sweaters and hot chocolate. For sure. But it also means that winter is coming. You can imitate the Uber famous expression with your hairstyle. A dark brunette ombre with icy peaks.

Winter comes autumn hair colors

9. The Fall Rose Melt

Unfortunately fall in the fall of all roses and melt with the rest of the leaves in the ground. Turn this into a source of very artistic and poetic inspo for your autumn hair colors. This is a rosy ombre melt that goes from dark to light.

Autumn Rose Meltfall Hair Colors

10. Mocha Balayage

On a frosty November morning, there is nothing better than a steaming mug of hot mocha, right? Start with a brunette base and continue to mix in different shades of brown and blond until you come to mocha. Yum!

Mocha Bayalage on dark brown base fall hair colors

11. Fall hair for blondes

How do blondes make autumn? It sounds like one of those jokes in which blondes screw on a light bulb. Only this one is real. These are soft blonde highlights on a darker blond base. The result is a dirty, blond shade that’s perfect for walking in the fall.

soft, blond highlights on a dark blond base fall hair colors

12. Chai Latte autumn hair colors

If done correctly, Masala Chai Latte ends up being a very light drink, almost white, with just a hint of beige creaminess. That is exactly how this hair color should be. Drink a chai latte while wearing this shadow. Chai-ception!

Chai latte fall hair colors

13. Warm orange autumn hair colors

Another color you can wear this fall is orange. It has many secondary colors that you can tackle until you find one that matches your skin tone as well as the color of your eyes. This is for example light and warm orange.

warm orange light fall hair colors

14. Wet Pavement

Fortunately for us, the market is now filled with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different shades that can fulfill our desires. They are also called very explicit in order to embody exactly what we are looking for. This is wet sidewalk.

wet patches fall hair colors

15. Pale blue skies

Even though it’s fall and you want fall colors, that does not mean the blue sky is not still there. You can still see it, sometimes very pale and light. Just like this blue tone. Combine it with theatrical make-up and a cap.

Pale blue sky fall hair colors

air max mujer air max mujer


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