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20 big short hair Ombre options

One of the most important trends announced for the coming year is the wonderful combination of good old ombre and short hair. It’s fresh, urban, sophisticated, cool and accessible to women everywhere. But we have to ask a question, because the aesthetics play an important role here. Will the short hair look good or will it bombard? Well, we at MyNewHairstyles have asked ourselves this very question and come to the conclusion that the best way to answer it is with visual aids.

Here are 20 pictures of the best short hair ombre options and even some celebrities who have tried the trend. We think they look absolutely fantastic.

1. Blonde Ombre Short Hair

We start nicely and easily with the basics of the business. This is a blonde shorthair ombre option on a shoulder-length bob with chopped ends and some textured beach waves. We are sure that you have seen it a thousand times on the road and you longed for it yourself.

basic blonde short hair ombre

2. Auburn Short Hair Ombre

There is no hair color for fall like Auburn. When the summer is over and you finally say goodbye to the sunny strands, it’s time for the reddish brown to shine. We recommend an ombre finish for your hair, starting with the brunette who melts in this beautiful shade.

Auburn short hair ombre

3. Evening Shadow Shorthair Ombre

This combination of brown and blond means evening shade. The reason is not difficult to understand. The ombre itself is so well made here it looks like a setting sun on a cold winter day when the white light mixes with the dark.

Evening shadow short hair ombre

4. Caramel Ombre Kurze Haar

If you are not a big fan of the blonde, but still want to have some ombre in your dark hair, we recommend caramel. It is a sweet combination of blond, brown and red, which leads to a shade that is very similar to the candy.

caramel short hair ombre

5. The Ashley Greene

The first celebrity on our list of short hair ombre options is Twilight Star Ashley Greene. She opted for the very classic Brown Melting in Bronde version of this trend along with some mermaid waves she created with a curling iron.

ashley greene short hair ombre

6. Vanilla Streak Short Hair Ombre

Here’s an interesting interpretation of the old Ombre concept that you can definitely use to mitigate this trend. Instead of putting the lighter color on the floor, place it in front of your face near your face so it can illuminate your face and highlight your eyes.

Vanilla tress short hair ombre

7. The Emma Stone

Although the funny honey actress Emma Stone is a natural blonde, she actually prefers to dye her hair in this shade of fiery ginger. Sometimes it gets darker, but occasionally, to our delight, it adds something blond and makes it a dream of an Ombre lover.

Short hair ombre of stone

8. The Rose Byrne

How to make short hair ombre if you want to keep the natural color of your hair or if you have a very strict dress code in your office that you need to stick to. The dirty blond strands in Rose Byrne’s hair are actually lowlights sweetening her whole face.

rose byrne short hair ombre

9. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Is there anything better than being a blonde? Marylin said that blondes have more fun. How about blonde hair with blond ombre? Yes, short hair is ombre, blond in color with a bright blonde as highlights. How crazy is that?

Rosie Huntington whiteley short hair ombre

10. The Miley Cyrus

Back then, when Miley could still be tamed, she had a long bob and a cute curl. She also had ombre hair that went from dark and naturally brown to wet sand blonde. We liked the look, especially when she paired it with those smoky eyes.

Miley Cyrus Short Hair Ombre

11. Brown to Blonde Ombre Short hair

Here is actress and singer Jennifer Lopez with a very sexy case of brown to blond shorthair ombre. She wears it very disheveled and messy, with feathery ends and asymmetrical strands. We are also fans of the metallic green make-up with nude lip gloss.

jennifer lopez short hair ombre

12. Short wavy ombre hair

It’s unbelievable how many looks and styles the short hair ombre can cover. It also goes well with this boho ensemble, especially if you find the right accessories for it. Think about it. This could be your new look for the next summer.

Oh, well, boho short hair ombre

13. Black to brown ombre shorthair

Here is another outstanding variant of the classic that will bring you light years ahead of everyone else wearing short hair ombre. This is a dip-dye job that is done perfectly. The majority of the hair is black, only the ends are brown and only a little beige blond.

Dip Dye short hair ombre

14. Black to Blond Ombre Shorthair

Another celebrity who has fallen in love with short hair ombre is supermodel Kylie Jenner. She wears her in a sleek and upright bob that starts off with a brunette base and continues with a minty tint. For the wet look, use some hair gel.

kylie jenner short hair ombre

15. Rum and Raisin Short Hair Ombre

This ombre hue is called rum and raisin, because it reminds of the taste of ice cream. It has a brown rum base with reddish rose tones that sparkle in the sunlight and creamy vanilla highlights that make it sweet and delicious.

Rum and raisins short hair ombre

16. Dark and Stormy Shorthair Ombre

Dark and Stormy is a cocktail of rum and ginger that gave this awesome ombre hair color its name. It also has a very dark rum base and some nervous bits on the sides and in the front. Talk about delicious!

dark and stormy short hair ombre

17. Ombre on short dark hair

We love this shaggy haircut more than we could say. It has a very grungy feel, given the fact that it has such choppy ends and long bangs. It starts with a dark base and blends into a pool of whitish blond.

shaggy choppy short hair ombre

18. The Jessica Alba

Here is actress Jessica Alba shows us how to make the mom short hair ombre right. It is a beautiful and very easy to maintain bob with a simple side part and a slight curl to it. It also has some blonde under the lights that sweeten your facial features and save some more time when you go to the salon.

jessica alba short hair ombre

19. Ombre shorthair with pony

Alexa Chung has some of the best pony in the industry and she knows it. So she decided to highlight her with some well-placed highlights in her hair. They are both blond and red and make their hair look like a beautiful mahogany brown.

alexa chung short hair ombre

20. The Sarah Hyland

We have the actress Sarah Hyland on for years Modern Family seen with the same short-haired ombre combination and wished secretly we could get it too. Well, now we can take courage and do it. Sarah is our hairstylist.

sarah hyland shorthair ombre

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