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20 Simple Balayage Short Hair Ideas

Balayage has been with us for some time. But it still has the power to surprise and mesmerize us. It comes from the French word “sweep”. The idea is to dye the hair with a free hand to give it a very natural look. As it grows, it will no longer show any hard or ugly lines. This makes it perfect for the modern woman who is very busy and always on the go, and just does not have so much time to visit her barber. Here are 45 simple Balayage shorthair ideas that inspire you, categorized by color.

1. Blonde Balayage Short Hair

Let’s start our list with the most basic balayage colors – blond. This shade is called white honey, and the reason is pretty simple. They have a darker, light brown base or undergrowth, covered with a diamond-white or beige-colored top layer.

Balayage short hair blonde white honey

2. Balayage for short blond hair

This is a diamond blonde in a praise or a long bob. The base is a dark brunette this time, which makes the white even more striking and shiny. The cut itself is very shaggy and edgy, with layer after layer of strands everywhere.

Balayage short hair blonde diamond

3. Nutmeg Balayage Short Hair

If you do not like the very distinctive blondes, you can keep them a little more reserved with this nutmeg. It’s a darker shade that borders on brown more than anything else, which means you can get away with it as a fall color. What brings us to it.

Balayage short hair blonde nutmeg

4th autumn to winter blond

Obviously, you will need a blond shadow that will make the transition between the seasons, bringing you from autumn to the snowy season. This could just be the perfect balayage shorthair. The top and back are all about rich browns while the front is pure white snow.

Balayage short hair blonde from autumn to winter

5. Caramel and Copper

This is about balancing short hair professionally. This blonde shade is a mixture of caramel, copper and honey. They come together to create one of the most beautiful blond shades we’ve ever seen.

Balayage short hair blond caramel, honey, copper highlights

6. Silver Balayage Short Hair

This hipster version of the old platinum blonde is the stuff of dreams for a New Year’s Eve party. The great thing is that it also works in the middle of summer, especially as a festival look. Coachella, here we come!

Balayage short hair blond silver

7. Golden Blonde Balayage

With metallics currently the new trend and replacing the matte trend in all areas, from lipsticks to makeup to hair colors, it’s only natural that sooner or later pure gold would appear. This is golden blonde balayage.

Balayage short hair blond golden

8. Sandy Blonde

Here is a classic that will never go out of style, according to us. Sandy Blonde is that kind of shade that just looks good on anyone, no matter your skin color or the color of your eyes. You can also wear any color you want.

Balayage short hair blond sandy

9. Manhattan Blonde

This is one of the newer and more cosmopolitan shades of blonde you can use to build your short balayage hair. It’s called Manhattan Blonde, and it’s just as classy, ??luxurious and beautiful as you would expect.

Balayage short hair Manhattan blonde

10. Dirty Blonde

We end the blonde part of our Balayage Short Hair Idea List with Dirty Blonde. The amazing thing about this is that it requires low maintenance from you. Even when you grow again, it still looks like it’s part of the original color.

Balayage short hair dirty blonde

11. Balayage Short Hair

Let’s take a look at brunette ideas for balayage short hair. This is a soft brunette that works perfectly when you need a special look for the Christmas holiday or your Christmas party. It has a few eggnog highlights that keep you in tune with the holidays.

Balayage short hair soft brunette

12. Blended Balayage Short Hair

You may have heard of this version of Balayage. It’s called Blended, and that’s how it looks. In essence, it provides a seamless transition from one color to another. As time passes and your hair grows, you will not notice the changes.

short, mixed balayage hair

13. Caramel Brunette

This is not only a beautiful and warm brunette with an obvious chestnut shine, but also caramel highlights that sweeten the deal. The roots are dark and smudged, so they look completely natural and in line with your own color.

Balayage short hair Caramel brunette Balayage Bob with dark greasy root

14. Dark and Toffee Balayage Short Hair

If caramel is not really your color and you want to decide for even more delicious highlights, how about toffee? It has a silky and shiny finish and it really plays the whole Metallics trend we are experiencing right now.

dark and toffee balayage short hair

15. Dark and Copper

Speaking of Metallic, you can make the real deal with copper peekaboo on brunette hair. They will soften your facial features and attract light. Combine this amazing color combination with a burgundy lipstick and you have a winner.

dark and copper balayage short hair

16. The Subtle Balayage

Okay, let’s say you do not really want to do anything with your hair color or that you have a particularly strict office attire. What do you do then? Of course, you go for subtle balayage. This is for example a dark chocolate base with only a few vanilla lowlights.

subtle balayage with a dark chocolate base balayage short hair

17. Honey Brunette

Another shade you can try, if you just want to get some lowlights or peekaboos, is honey. It works wonderfully on brunette, especially if you put it directly around the face. They will brighten your facial features, making them look much softer and more feminine.

brunette honey Balayage short hair

18. Balayage highlights on short hair

This beautiful asymmetrical bob is the perfect choice if you love balayage shorthair ideas. The blond highlights come in layers and make it seem very voluminous, giving the cut more depth and dimension.

brunette with blonde balayage short hair

19. The Jessica Alba

Here is a celebrity who could not resist this trend and chose himself for brunette balayage shorthair. Jessica Alba still wears her characteristic dark auburn hair color, only enriched with some barely visible highlights.

Jessica Alba brunette balayage short hair

20. Brunette and Gray

Not just any gray, of course. This is mushroom gray on a very dark brunette. As far as balayage short hair ideas go, this one is perfect for the cold and dreary autumn months that precede the snowy December when everything is happy and colorful.

mushroom gray brunette balayage short hair

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