2019 best flat-top hairstyles for men

Flat-top hairstyles have always distinguished themselves by their unique and overwhelming appearance. These hairstyles are especially popular with African-American men, but also men of different ethnicities can do it. Actually, a flat top is a cut that is bent up and turned into a box shape. The overall picture of this cut is amazing and it requires clever hands to recreate. Sometimes we can see it with completely shaved pages. If you are still impressed by this trend, here are some 2019 flat-top hairstyles for men , Take a look around and be inspired by 2019 Best Flat-Top Hairstyles for Men

High top with faded pages

It’s a typical flat-top hairstyle that has enough height on top of the head. In this style, the pages have faded to the skin, but it is still the high peak that attracts all attention. This style can be easily achieved by African American men, as they can wear such a headdress due to their natural texture. Anyway, there is also a deep side part, which beautifies the look. High Top with Faded Sides Medium flat top

It’s a less extreme haircut than the previous one, but that does not mean it’s less interesting. The strands are professionally tailored to a medium size and it is a great option for modern men. As you can see, the smoothness starts from the front and goes backwards in beautiful straightness. It is a classic headdress that can be rocked both casually and formally. Medium Flat Top Wavy flat top

It’s a slightly different version of a Flat Top Haircut, but it’s still pretty cool and eye-catching. The high peak is designed in a wavy pattern while the sides are faded. Apart from these, there are two lines that enhance the overall appearance of this headgear. You can even add some highlights to your strands to break the monotone touch of your black strands. It’s a hairstyle to make a fashion statement. Wavy Flat Top True flat top

Here’s another black guy wearing a flat haircut. It’s the traditional version of this cut and comes from cropped sides and a perfectly lined flat top that is supposed to receive positive admiration. Keeping your flat top in shape requires regular cuts, but this cut is worth your time and effort. True Flat top Short flat-top haircut

It is not necessary to have an extra long mane to rock a flat haircut. Here is a short apartment that is modern and stylish. It’s a military-inspired flat-top, but this one has the high patch strands that are peppered. This headdress is great as a couple with a thick goatee. Medium Spiky Flat Top Haircut

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