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25 big short hair Ombre options

One of the most important trends announced for the coming year is the wonderful combination of good old ombre and short hair. It’s fresh, urban, sophisticated, cool and accessible to women everywhere. But we have to ask a question, because the aesthetics play an important role here. Will the short hair look good or will it bombard? Well, we at MyNewHairstyles have asked ourselves this very question and come to the conclusion that the best way to answer it is with visual aids.

Here are 20 pictures of the best short hair ombre options and even some celebrities who have tried the trend. We think they look absolutely fantastic.

1. Brown Ombre Short Hair

Tyra Banks, the mother of the supermodels, as she is known today, and even a former supermodel, has been wearing this fabulous shorthair ombre idea for quite some time and we honestly can not get enough of it. We are just in love with the color.

Tyra benches short hair ombre

2. Ombre on short curly hair

Queen Beyonce also opted for short hair when she decided to cut her mane and opt for a much simpler bob. She chose a tri-color ombre that started with a natural dark brunette melted into nutmeg followed by white honey blond.

Beyonce short hair ombre

3. Cut ombre hair colors

Here we start with the sweet and unconventional shorthair ombre colors of our article. As this trend picks up next year, it’s good to know which colors you should wear to be the coolest and freshest.

Mandarin short hair ombre

4. Light Lavender Short Hair Ombre

This is a very light and pastel-colored bright lavender that has melted up from the rainy gray day. Both colors are metallic, as a tribute to the fashion and beauty trend that has flattened the nation in recent months and replaced the mat.

Lavender shorthair ombre

5. Taffy Pink Short Hair Ombre

Who does not like toffee? Now you can use it as inspiration for your next Ombre color. Start with a purple orchid as the base of your roots and let them melt into toffee. Complete with a simple, old iceberg blonde near the tips to keep things in balance.

taffy pink short hair ombre

6. Iris Short Hair Ombre

This could just be one of our favorite colors. It’s called Iris, and it’s a mix of lavender and plum. This particular ombre is actually obtained by using the same color. The only difference is that you use a darker shade on the top and a lighter on the bottom.

Iris short hair ombre

7. Cool ombre hairstyles

Is it getting cooler and more trendy than that with fashionable hair colors? Aside from the fact that it is a mid-size bob with perfectly volumized beach waves, it has one of the most beautiful colors we have ever seen. It combines sweet rose with copper. We do not know whose idea it was to do it first, but excuse us while we go to the salon.

Copper rose short hair ombre

8. Dirty Snow Short Hair Ombre

Yes, we have found the perfect hair color even in winter. Instead of the oh-so-boring iceberg or platinum blonde, why are not you trying this year’s dirty snow blonde? It is still white, but with a touch of nutmeg and gray here and there to make it a little more interesting.

dirty snow short hair ombre

9. Red and blond ombre short hair

Sure, that’s red and blond ombre short hair, but we prefer his rather quirky name. And that’s chocolate and strawberry ice cream ombre. It’s much more fun to spend all the hours you have to spend in the salon to get it. Or are you doing it at home?

Chocolate and strawberry ice cream short hair ombre

10. Winter slate Short hair Ombre

Here is another suitable winter shade for your precious castles. This particular gray ombre is called Winter Slate and we can definitely see why. We love the cut itself as it is a square bob with choppy and feathered ends.

Winter slate short hair ombre

11. Sonic Blue Short Hair Ombre

If you’re really brave or just looking for your next festival style, here’s an unconventional color for you. It’s called Sonic Blue Ombre and it’s made of coral blue at the base and sky blue at the top. What do you think about it?

sonic blue short hair ombre

12. Marker Yellow Short Hair Ombre

Be honest. Have you ever tried to dye your hair with the yellow marker when you were four or five? We bet you have. Now you can do it professionally and get that fantastic shade of neon sunburst starting with a dark brunette base.

Marking yellow short hair ombre

13. Tropical Blue Short Hair Ombre

The title for Miss Hawaiian Tropic has taken this hairstyle a step closer. It’s a typical shoulder-length bob beautifully styled into classic curls. The catch? The color is this amazing tropical blue, which has all eyes on it faster than you can say Pina Colada.

ink blue short hair ombre

14. Deep Sea Short Hair Ombre

This color is referred to as the deep sea and is probably the next big trend in terms of dyes. It’s basically a mix of pastel colors and you can get it in any combination you want, this is just one example, so you do not have to worry.

Deep sea short hair ombre

15. Fantasy Pastel Short Hair Ombre

This color is a variation of the one described above. The colors are a bit more vivid and clearly defined, but the concept is the same. Take a handful of pastel shades of your choice and spread them on your hair to create a beautiful impressionistic canvas.

Fantasy pastel shorthair ombre

16. Seafoam Blue Short Hair Ombre

What about the perfect summer color? We think we found that too. It’s a beautiful seafoam blue blended with just the right amount of mint green and a healthy dose of milk white for a good shot. The result? If you have blue eyes, you will not get enough of looking at yourself in the mirror, believe us.

Meerschaum blue short hair ombre

17. Rain in the night shorthair ombre

We are back with this fall colors. Is there someone who does not like the soothing sounds of rain at night? Channel that feeling and wear it in your hair with this amazing dark gray color that descends to the tips in a very bright version of the same gray.

Rain at night short hair ombre

18. Coffee and cream shorthair ombre

Is coffee and cream your life partner, without which you could not start a single day of your existence? Big! Now you can make your union even more with this fantastic hair color. It starts with a coffee bean brown, continues with a caramel foam center and ends on a touch milky blonde.

Coffee and Cream Shorthair Ombre

19. Light Ombre Short Hair

We also call this the Tequila Sunrise hair color, because the fiery reds, oranges and tangerines look like the famous cocktail in it. It even looks delicious, so why not try this special ombre idea this summer? You can wear it on your beach vacation.

Tequila Sunrise short hair ombre

20. Ombre on short-strung hair

Speaking of fiery reds and oranges, how about that ombre hair? It has many same shades, but the cut is different. It’s an asymmetrical, almost A-line bob, with very choppy and feathered ends. That’s why it looks like it’s burning.

Fire short hair ombre

Here are the 20 short hair ombre options we promised. We have seen many variations on the classic bob and pixie cut and more colors than you can imagine – brown to blond, dark to blond, red and blond, unconventional colors and so much more. Write us in the comment section below and let us know what experiences you have made so far with the Ombre trend

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