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25 refreshing Teal hair color ideas

Teal is a combination of blue and green that blends into a white base. The funny part is that it takes its name from the bird of the same name that wears a strip of that color on its head. And here is another funny fact about this hue – it was one of the so-called “fad colors” of the 90s. It was so popular then that everyone wore it, including many sports teams who immediately took it as their color. Since we are now experiencing the 90s from the styling point of view, it was only natural to see the light green hair color again. Here are 25 refreshing ideas.

1. Teal and Cobalt Roots

One of the easiest ways to see this intriguing color is to combine it with a neighboring shadow. One of her Pantone sisters is Cobalt. It’s a bit darker than Teal himself, which means it’ll be great if you use it for your roots.

teal hair color with cobalt roots

2. Brown hair with petrol

If you want to be more upbeat and still keep your natural hair color, you can always add a bit of petrol to your brown. Even if you do not think they match, they actually do. Teal and chestnut? Why not?

natural brown teal hair strands

3. The Fishtail Braid

If you have only dyed a few strands of hair, you can show them with a nice fishtail braid. This is the rustic cousin of the French braid, and he will serve you well, especially if you make it a bit messy.

Fishtail braid Teal Hair Color

4. Blue and Teal Ombre Hair

Teal hair color can be very ombre style. To get an even more interesting Ombre, you can even add some Aqua Blue in the mix. Start with a dark base and slowly drop it into blue and then into our star color.

cold ombre blue petrol hair color

5. The Wavy Bob

Sometimes all you need to show a gorgeous hair color is an equally adorable haircut. This is, for example, a wavy, shoulder-length bob with lots of volume and texture. As far as color is concerned, it has the same ombre as described above.

wavy bob teal hair color

6. The messy bun in a teal hair color

Chaotic buns have been the rage for the past few years. Not so long ago, they were the hallmark of lazy girls or your favorite hairstyle for cleaning the house. Nowadays, if you have a good sense of style, you can even combine it with a little black dress when you go for cocktails.

messy bun teal hair color

7. Lunar Teal hair colors

This can easily go pastel, but it’s a bit more than that. In fact, this amazingly beautiful shade is called moon calf. Why? The answer is visible to the naked eye, so to speak. The color is almost milky-white, pear-shaped and bright, like the light shining on the moon at certain nights.

Moon Green Hair Color

8. Dark Sea Green hair color

When it comes to the color of teal hair, your inspiration must definitely come from the elements that you can see in nature. An important source of your creative endeavors will be the sea. Or the sea, if you prefer.

dark green sea green hair color

9. Unicorn Teal hair color

It is probably safe to say that this year was the year of the unicorn. We’ve seen unicorn everything, including coffee, so why not wear that design in your hair as well? As such, Teal will play a big role because it’s such a bizarre color.

Unicorn teal hair color

10. Kelp Teal hair color

If you have teal hair, kelp is just taken to the next level beach waves. We recommend you use a high quality sea salt spray to create these beautiful seaweed looks and give your locks some texture and crunch.

Kelp Petrol Hair Color

11. The Double French Pastel Teal Hair

Although it sounds like a very interesting kiss that you would normally read in Cosmo, this time we are referring to double French braids. The color is absolutely fantastic. It is a very light pastel teal with a refreshing minty finish.

double French Teal hair color

12. Voodoo Teal hair color

The reason this teal color is called voodoo is that it looks incredibly witchy. We could compare it to midnight blue mixed with a healthy dose of forest or moss green and voila. They have voodoo teal.

Voodoo Krick Hair Color

13. Peacock Inspired hair color

The peacock hair color may be a bit hard to get, especially if you’re a beginner, but it’s certainly worth the effort. It basically consists of different nuances of petrol, blue, violet and green. You also need some blond strands to brighten up everything.

Peacock Peal hair color

14. The classic ponytail

Even the simplest and dumbest hairstyles can look like a million dollars with your new Pearl hair color. It’s one thing to have a ponytail when your hair is brown, but it’s a very different matter if you’re a mermaid with hair of petrol and stone gray.

Ponytail Petrol Hair Color

15. Teal and Blue Hair

The watercolor feeling that this shade of pearl hair color is absolutely amazing. It really gives the impression of a muse of the painter who sits between Monet’s water lilies and slowly lends color from the surrounding nature.

Watercolor color blue-green

16. Teal and Flowers

The combination of Teal with other colors in the spectrum, such as bright yellow, will enhance its unique and cold beauty even more. The chill that you can feel at the sight of teal beside the glowing warmth of yellow will break out of your Instagram selfies.

Wildflowers, teal hair color

17. Messy hair

Teal hair color can surely guarantee you one thing. That you will look great when you wake up. With such a hair color, the messy hair is now delightful, sweet and playful. Combine it with minimal or even nude make-up.

messy blue-green hair colors

18. Teal Mermaid hair

The mermaid hair trend is really huge these days. There are some colors you can wear if you want to be part of it, and aquamarine is definitely one of them. Be sure to spray some brightener every time you leave the house.

shiny mermaid petrol hair color

19. Romantic Teal hair color

Here’s a great idea for your big day. The big thing is that you can both wear it if you are the bride or the maid of honor. Dark Pearl hair goes well with bright flowers like pink roses, carnations or peonies.

romantic chic pearl hair color

20. What did the water give us?

An amazing source of inspiration for one of the coolest hair colors we’ve ever seen. This trifecta of shades starts with dark cobalt at the roots, has an icy teal in the middle and ends with ink blue tips.

like water petrol hair color

21. The messy crown

This is a messy and romantic crown that goes around your head. The color is a beautiful Nightshade teal, striped with just the right amount of gray peekaboo to catch some light and spread evenly across the mane.

messy crown midnight hair color

22. The vintage diva

Ice cream, ice cream, teal! Take a cat’s eye, a white plastic sunglasses, a polka-dot dress and enough lip gloss to stay for a week and greet the hippie version of the 50s. Of course, your hair must be icy.

vintage diva ice blue hair color

23. Dark Teal Hair

If you are brave enough to choose this dark blue color then you are certainly welcome. It suits blue or green eyes very well because it will reflect them like water from the ocean.

pretty doll-colored hair color

24. Half Down Half Down

Teal hair and ink blue roots really deserve to be shown. Keep in mind that you worked just as hard on your roots as you did on the hair itself. That’s why half a half of her hair locks with a handful of curls thrown into it.

half the bottom below blue-green hair color

25. Lagoon Teal hair color

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to teal hair, a lot of your inspiration comes from the ocean and everything that has to do with it. This hue is called Lagoon Teal, and you can easily see why. Combine it with matching eyeshadow for maximum effect.

Lagoon Teal hair color

pandora brazalete pandora brazalete


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