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30 tasty honey brown hair ideas

Brown hair is one of the traditional and natural hair colors that can become boring after prolonged wear. It is the color with which most women were born. Therefore, it is normal that you want to polish things stylistically and make it more interesting. One of the shades that has sparked interest in recent years is honey-brown hair, a delicious blend of dark blond and light brown that looks genuinely good enough to eat. Here are 30 ideas to bring to your stylist.

1. Classic honey brown hair

As mentioned in the introduction, the honey-brown hair is by definition a combination of light brown and dark blond. This is the classic version, where the two shades were simply mixed. But there are many others, darker and brighter, ombre and with highlights.

classic honey brown hair

2. The Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid also wore honey brown hair for this Vogue sunglasses photo shoot. Her hair is styled in a summery, moist, gelled look, but the color enhances her golden goddess qualities.

gigi hadid honey brown hair

3. The messy ponytail

The honey-brown hair is especially indicated for women with sun-kissed skin, as it emphasizes this strongly. We also recommend that you use a bronzer with some shimmer in it or a highlighter and then you can really see this beautiful color at work.

messy ponytail honey-brown hair

4. The Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston has opted for a highlighted version of honey-brown hair. She has some beige highlights and deep light running through her curls here and there, just so they can emphasize her amazing blue eyes even more.

jennifer aniston honey brown hair

5. The Half Up Half Down

This is a very cute hairstyle for a casual evening or for a more relaxed kind of special events. Or maybe Date night? The honey-brown hair works great with a strong lip like scarlet, wine, plum or ox-blood lipstick.

half the top half honey-brown hair

6. Honey Brown Hair Extensions

If you need to add more volume or length to your hair and do not have the patience to wait for your own hair to grow, then you can turn to Extensions. The next step would be to get a dyer job in honey brown or to find extensions in the desired color.

Extensions honey brown hair

7. Autumn honey brown hair

This shade is also the perfect choice for fall. It is sweet and soft and makes it the embodiment of September. You can change it in the following months or in winter, but September definitely says honey-brown hair.

Autumn honey brown hair

8. Bed Head Honey Brown Hair

This volumized half up hairstyle is perfect for lazy cold days, if you only want to stay in bed with a cup of hot coffee and a good book. You can try this hairstyle if you have long or medium hair.

Bed head honey brown hair

9. Summer Beach Waves

It is very easy to create beach waves. You can try the old-fashioned way to braid your damp hair and sleep on it. Or you can use your hair straightener. Find some tutorials on YouTube. We promise it will only take a few minutes!

Beach waves honey brown hair

10. The Nicole

This former Pussycat Dolls actress started out as a raven-black brunette we loved, but we absolutely adored her when she switched to that honey-brown color. It highlighted her beautiful skin and her coffee-colored eyes.

nicole honey brown hair

11. The Beyonce

Speaking of gorgeous ladies, here’s Beyonce with her natural, flowing curls in a slightly lighter and dull shade of honey-brown hair. Notice how she added a few strands of blond right at the front to light her face.

Beyonce honey brown hair

12. The Straight Middle Part

The honey-brown hair is just a great color that you can wear in the office if you have a stricter dress code at work. You can style your hair with a straight middle section and just a few soft beach waves.

Midsection Hiney brown hair

13. The Nina Agdal

You may know supermodel Nina Agdal from her work with Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. She has always been a fad chosen for her unique looks, partly due to her honey brown hair.

nina agdal honey brown hair

14. The Messy Side Part

A messy side piece is one of the simplest casual hairstyles to create and wear. Use a little hair wax to pull hair strands aside and then a little hairspray to keep everything in place. For a completely natural look, you may also want to go naked on the make-up.

choppy bob honey brown hair

15. The Music Festival Look

Festival fashion is one thing now, and you know it. What you wear, your make-up, and how you make your hair is just as important as the lineup and the people you choose. So think carefully about the chosen hair color.

Music festival honey brown hair

16. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Although she’s blond most of the time and we’ve met her, Supermodel and Jason Statham’s wife Rosie Huntington-Whitely is known for making one or two trips to the brown side of the palette

rosie honey brown hair

17. Elegant honey brown hair

This particular shade of brown is not only sweet and noble, but also elegant. It has a certain grade of class that other shades just can not peel off. Therefore, you can seriously consider it for your wedding.

elegant honey brown hair

18. The Jennifer Lopez

If you want to highlight her tan or the J-Lo glow that we all know and love, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez goes on honey brown hair. It is the color that best complements tanned skin.

jennifer lopez honey brown hair

19. Honey brown for long hair

Although you can use it for any type of hair, this color may be best for long hair, simply because long hair can unfold it in all its glory. If you want more ideas for long hairstyles, here is a full article we wrote on them.

Page swept honey brown hair

20. The Kim Kardashian

She has made many style changes over the years in her attempt to find perfection style and beauty. One of these changes included a mane of honey-brown hair that made her look more like a mother than ever before. Keep it up, Kim!

Kim k honey brown hair

21. Boho Honey Brown Hair

The Bohemian Style is everything in the accessories. If you like it, you can try wearing a thin flower crown and big hoop earrings. Make sure your hair is loose and flowing, because that’s boho chic.

boho honey brown hair

22. Straight Honey Brown Hair

If you have straight hair, it’s incredibly easy to see your stylist’s work when it comes to honey-brown hair. All layers, highlights and lower lights are visible with every turn of the head. What brings us to it.

straight honey brown hair

23. Honey brown hair with highlights

Honey brown is such a versatile color that you can even add highlights. For example, you can ask your barber to use other shades of honey, for example: White honey or golden honey, depending on the degree of browning or eye color.

highlighted honey brown hair
24. Honey Brown Curly hair

These are sweetheart curls that are perfect for a date night, prom or as a bridesmaid. In other circumstances, they’re great too if you just want to update your Instagram by flaunting your gorgeous new hair color.

Honey curls honey brown hair

25. The Wavy Honey Brown Bob

If your haircut is a long, straight bob and you also have fine hair, you can always add a few waves to it with your hair curler. Remember to always use a product that protects your hair from heat and shine.

wavy bob honey brown hair

26. The Julianne Hough

Actress Julianne Hough is the living example of the wonders that can do honey brown hair for tanned skin and blue eyes. You do not even need makeup if you choose the right hair color. Just a little mascara and a dull, naked lipstick are enough.

Julianne hough honey brown hair

27. The Sienna Miller

The same applies to the British actress Sienna Miller, who has always been a great defender of a naked skin. She is absolutely gorgeous, and she knows it, so she never shied away from wearing very little make-up, even on the red carpet.

Sienna Miller honey brown hair

28. Honey brown hair color on black hair

If you want to cheer up your black hair a bit this summer, but do not want to go all the way to blond, maybe Honey Brown is the intermediate solution you’ve been looking for. You can either dye it completely or get some honey-colored strands in your hair.

Summer honey brown hair

29. The Jessica Alba

Of course, we start with the very obvious pun in which Jessica Alba was Honey and she also has honey brown hair. And finally, we’ll say that she just looks great because she has the perfect skin and eye color for that color.

jessica alba honey-brown hair

30. Dark honey brown hair

You can even get a little darker if you’re a bigger fan of brown than the blonde. Remember that this hue is a combination of brown and blond, but that it is a sliding scale. Only you can decide where to draw the line.

dark, honey-brown hair

31. Afro Honey Brown Hair

We absolutely love the way girls get creative with their Afros and deviate a bit from the traditional, brunette color. Imagine your hair as an appendage that expresses both your personality and your creativity.

Afro honey brown hair

32. Honey Golden Brown Hair

Another variation of the color spectrum of honey-brown hair that you can try is golden brown. You can start with the basic honey and add a few golden lowlights here and there just to give it the royal and luxurious glow it needs.

noble honey brown hair

33. Honey brown hair color with caramel lowlights

Speaking of lowlights, how about caramel? If you use honey and caramel according to the same recipe, there is something delicious. Try your own hair. Talk to your hairdresser about this combination.

Hair tightening honey brown hair

34. Honey Kissed Light Brown Hair

This color is so beautiful that even the name sounds poetic. In addition to the shade, we also love the styling choice here. It’s a deep side piece with all hair pulled from side to side in a sexy and sultry look full of confidence.

Lateral honey-brown hair

35. The Scarlet Johansson

So far, we have seen Scarlet Johansson as different blond shades, a reading head in The Avengers a brunette in Ghost in the shell a chocolate brown-haired girl in boss and many others in between. Here she is with honey brown hair.

scarlet johansson honey-brown hair

36. Warm Honey Brown hair color

On a cool and fresh autumn day, there is nothing better than a warm, honey-brown hair color. It just looks stunning and elegant. You can make these little waves with your hair straightener and use just a touch of hair spray to keep them in position during the day.

perfect curls of honey brown hair

37. The Sofia Vergara

The beautiful and funny star of the successful TV series Modern Family has opted for honey brown ombre. Her hair starts up with a light brown and gently melts into a sweet and delicious honey tone to the ends of the strands.

sofia vergara honey-brown hair

38. How to get honey-brown hair color

You can try it at home by mixing two blond and brown shades that you find most appealing. You can also buy shade of honey brown from a drugstore brand of hair dye. Or, the easiest way, you can go to the stylist and have him or her repaired.

Model honey brown hair

39. Light brown honey color

If you want a lighter shade of honey hair, you can always opt for more blonde in the mix. In this way, your hair will be summerier than anything else and your tanned skin will stand out even better than the darker version of this shade.

urban honey brown hair

40. The Sarah Jessica Parker

It looks like our girl Sarah Jessica Parker is aware of the trick of putting a few blond strands on her face. They are useful if you have brown hair because they enlighten your face and highlight the color of your eyes.

sjp honey brown hair

canada goose france canada goose france


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