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40 pixie haircuts that will make your summer

40 pixie haircuts that will make your summer

Emily Gold 03-15-2019 ET / 30634 shares

from Emily Gold

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Achieving the perfect pixie cut is an easy achievement.

Pixie haircuts are wonderful things. They fill your head with liberating thoughts, take care of their own affairs, and always make you smile or cry, depending on the state of your psyche. If you want to avoid sticky facial hair this summer and maybe have a bit of unhampered fun, a pixie cut should be your summer hair destination.

Here’s a look at some of the most memorable pixie cuts we’ve come across this year.

Long elf.

Long Elf of Suzanne


Harvested elf.

Harvested Elf from Tanja Majstorovi?

(Tanja Majstorovic)

Razored pixie.

Razored Pixie by Kimberly Morgan

(Kimberly Morgan)

Neon highlights.

Neon Highlights By Maggie Kime

(By Maggie Kime)

Pulled back pangs.

Retired pony from Justin Dillaha

(Justin Dillaha)

Effortless style.

Effortless hairstyle by Michele Sanford

(Michele S anford)

Slight undercut

Slight undercut from Courtney


Curly curls

Curly locks of Jamie Gomez

(Jamie Gomez)

Messy long elf.

Messy long elf by Robert Weaver

(Robert Weaver)

Pink highlights.

Pink highlights by Eve Silcock

(Eve Silcock)

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