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45 Jazzy Short Hair with highlights ideas

As we all know, highlights are the simplest, safest and most carefree way to spice up a hairstyle or a hair color. They can also be considered protective because you do not have to go for a whole dyeing or bleaching job if you want a change in your hair. And if you have short hair, they can really be fun and creative. Here is a list of 45 short hair with highlights ideas that range from the traditional blond, brown and red to purple, rainbow and sea colors. Happy surfing!

1. Short hair with red and blond highlights

The beauty of the highlights is that they are virtually limitless. You can get as many shades as you like as long as you talk to your stylist and they all work together. This is an A-line Bob with red and blond highlights.

Red blonde chunky highlight on dark short hair with highlights


2. Marsala Short Hair with highlights

Why choose the very traditional red if you can taste Marsala? It’s a funky approach to red hair with just a hint of purple in it, enough to make everyone ask – what exactly is this color? I love it!

marsala short hair with highlights


3. Pink and blond Short hair with highlights

This is a stacked bob that started with a blonde blonde. Then the stylist added some pink and purple underlays, which also led to the blonde turning pink. The result is really spectacular.

Stacked bob with pink and blond short hair with highlights


4. Indigo Short hair with highlights

Spicing up a traditional haircut and color has never looked better than with this idea. This is a short bob or overgrown pixie cut puffed on the back. It’s brown with different shades of blonde highlights and just a touch of indigo carelessly thrown in.

Indigo and blonde short hair with highlights


5. Dark short hair with caramel highlights

Caramel highlights were the first choice for the past few seasons, as women everywhere turned to this beautiful and safe color. You can start with a simple brown base or even your natural color if you do not want to dye your hair at all.

noble short hair with highlights


6. Short hair with ombre highlights

Ombre highlights? Is that possible? Yes of course. This is a light brown base with blonde ombre highlights ranging from sandy blondes on the back to chai blond for the front strands, where they flaunt the color of your eyes.

Chai short hair with highlights


7. Short hair brunette with blond highlights

Another great combination you can try is brunette and blonde. This is a shoulder-length bob with loose beach waves. It’s brunette on the back and opens to brighter blonde shades in the front.

white honey short hair with highlights


8. Gold blond, short hair with highlights

There is no way to write this piece, talk about blonde highlights and not to mention Goldblond. It was one of the biggest trends we have seen in recent years. And while it’s hard to wear a whole head of golden hair, a few highlights will do the trick.

golden blonde short hair with highlights


9. Peacock Short Hair with Highlights

This long pixie cut leans heavily on the peacock palette. That is, the only colors it uses are those that can be seen in the tail of a peacock, namely green, blue, orange and yellow. It’s a fascinating trend, especially if you choose metallic hair color.

Peacock short hair with highlights


10. Vivid Short Hair with highlights

The basic color here is the petrol that you can see underneath. The highlights are the purple, which can be seen behind and in front, as well as the recognizable navy in the middle. Of course, you can copy the style as it is, or just choose a hue.

lively short hair with highlights


11. Copper and Purple Short Hair

Now that the mat is as far away as the trends are going, Metallic have taken their place. And with them came copper and brass as the favorite shades of the world. Here’s a very messy short bob, hot copper color with some purple highlights.

Copper and purple short hair with highlights


12. Short red hair with highlights

If you are a brave and confident woman, then you need a suitable hairstyle and color. This is a fiery red asymmetric bob with a few chunky black highlights. The strong, opposite color brings each other out.

red black short hair with highlights


13. Purple and purple short hair with highlights

Here’s an interesting way to make highlights. These are actually called underlights, obviously because they are placed under the main color of your hair. We recommend that you get the stronger color on the bottom and the brighter on the top.

purple purple short hair with highlights


14. The feathered pixie cut

What could beat a feathered pixie cut in terms of coolness? How about one that is canary yellow and has burgundy and turquoise accents in the front? This could just be one of the coolest haircuts we’ve ever seen.

yeallow turquoise burgundy short hair with highlights


15. Toffee Short Hair with Highlights

Always remember that even if you stick to traditional colors, they do not have to be boring and old-fashioned. For example, instead of brown highlights on your dark hair, you can get toffee instead. Much warmer, cooler and tasty.

Toffee short hair with highlights


16. Grape Short Hair with highlights

The purple family has no shortage of shades to choose from. This is for example the grape. It’s perfect as a shade for highlights if you have dark hair. Remember to add a handful of blondes for a touch of brightness.

Grapes short hair with highlights


17. Orange short hair with highlights

Nothing says Christmas better than this hairstyle. These orange, mandarin and blond highlights and lowlights will really get you ready for the Christmas season, so get ready to shine in the winter.

orange short hair with highlights


18. Lilac Short Hair with Highlights

Even though the whole world is more inclined to strong colors, pastels are still there because they fall under the non-traditional color category. This is lilac with a few smoky blond and gray highlights.

Lilac short hair with highlights


19th day and night highlights

This amazing layer Bob is called “day and night” and it’s obvious why. The base layer is a dark brunette, which is why the upper part of the hair is milky white like the dawn. It looks very good, especially from the back.

Day and night short hair with highlights


20. Rainbow Short Hair with Highlights

We can not express how much we love this idea. The bottom layer of Peekaboo Highlights consists of several strands that are rainbow colors. In addition, they are hidden so you can completely disguise them if you feel the need.

Rainbow short hair with highlights


21. The Rachel McAdams

Our Hollywood inspiration for short hair with highlights comes from the incredibly pretty Rachel McAdams. She wears a layered sandy blonde bob with just a touch of cotton candy pink here and there. We love it!

Rachel McAdams short hair with highlights


22. Blue short hair with highlights

It’s really impossible to feel blue when you’re wearing this hairstyle, just because it’s so great. However, you must pay attention to the type of makeup that you wear so as not to overload the hair color.

blue short hair with highlights


23. Barely visible short hair with highlights

This could just be the epitome of peekaboo highlights. They are so small and subtle that one simply can not see them unless one pushes the hair behind the ear. Then you show that you actually have a secondary hair color.

purple on pink short hair with highlits


24th 90s Pink Highlights

Do you remember the great pink hair color that you always wanted in the 90s, but your parents would not let you because you were at school? Now you can. It’s called neonpink and you can either dye your hair or get extensions.

pink on brown short hair with highlights


25. Dusty Pink Short hair with highlights

But if you’re not into hot, neon colors, but you still like pink and want it in your hair, you can choose a more subdued version. It’s dusty pink on a shaggy, stacked bob that you can wear for a little contrast with a bright red lip.

dusty pink, stacked bob short hair with highlights


26. Cherry Red Chunky Highlights

There are many types of highlights, which means you do not always have to go for the classic guy. These are chunky highlights on a round, asymmetrical bob. They are cherry red and look great on dark brown hair.

cherry red short hair with highlights


27. Powdery Iris Highlights

Brown and Iris may seem like a strange combination at first glance, but it may work. But you should not try it at home. It is best if you go to your barber so that he or she can mix the colors perfectly for you.

Iris short hair with highlights


28. Short Brown Hair with highlights

Here is the classic version or the one that started it all. It’s safe and low maintenance, and you can not go wrong with it. The base is a neutral but shiny brown, while the highlights are an elegant beige and sandy blonde.

blonde short hair with highlights


29. Red Hair with Teal Highlights

It’s time to get creative. How about dark red hair with a touch of petrol highlights in the front? Besides, what do you say if the haircut was a short and shaggy pixie with feather strands and dull cuts everywhere?

short, short hair with highlights


30. Silver hair with blue accents

This is such a perfect highlight job that you can not say exactly what used to be the primary color – the silver or the Arctic blue. But that does not matter, because both look great. The back is all silver, while the front is Arctic blue with some silver highlights.

silver short hair with highlights


31. Platinum and Mint Green

We can not express how much we love a good underlight job. In this case, it is mint green and platinum with the white strands carefully cut into a V shape so that they can make the beautiful green color underneath visible.

mint green short hair with highlights


32nd Navy, Blue and Glitter Highlights

Here’s an idea for short hair with highlights for New Year’s Eve. You do not have to wait for snow because you can easily fake it with some hair glitter. The color combination is also amazing and blends forest green with night blue highlights.

sparkling green short hair with highlights


33. Winter Colors Highlights

Let’s keep it cool for another minute with this fantastic display of cold colors interrupted by a single splash of warm color accents – sunny yellow. The choice as well as the color rendering make them appear in an unforgettable way.

Winter shorthair with highlights


34. Atomic Turquoise Short Hair with highlights

In fact, this is a combination of atomic turquoise and psychedelic sunset on a shoulder-length bob. The color combination is reminiscent of Morocco and its stained glass lamps, making it perfect for the summer.

Atomic turquoise and psychedelic sunset short hair with highlights


35. Jungle Short Hair with highlights

Inspiration can come from anywhere, as this jungle color pattern proves. It consists of jungle greens, lime, yellow, moss, lichen and some purple to mimic the water and warm it up a bit after all the greenery.

jungle short hair with highlights


36. Colors of the sea highlights

This is dip-dye hair, not to be confused with ombre. It’s a special technique that hairstylists can use to bring some chunky, mass highlights into your hair, fill it with life and make it brighter. It’s different from classic highlights, but it’s also nicer.

Sea colors short hair with highlights


37. Afro Short hair with highlights

You can also get some blonde highlights if you cut a short Pixie Afro. It will add some depth and dimension while making it more interesting. The hair will look voluminous and much more modern.

Afro short hair with highlights


38. Dark blue short hair with highlights

A very restrained way to jump on the trend of highlights is to choose a color that is very close to its own color, but also unconventional. For example, this is raven-black hair with some navy blue highlights on the front. You can only see them in direct sunlight.

dark blue short hair with highlights


39. Sandy Blonde Short hair with highlights

You can find the same principle from the top of blond hair here. This is sandy-blonde hair with beige blonde glowing highlights. The haircut is an overgrown elf with an undercut.

sandy blonde short hair with highlights


40. Matte Gray highlights

Matte is a fantastic trend and it works great on highlights. Here is an example of an over-long-haired pixie with a crest of pompadour and some dull gray highlights. The result is steel gray coolness everywhere.

dull gray short hair with highlights


41. Teal Green Lowlights

Do you want to freshen up your hair a bit, but without big changes or a big splash? Teal is always the color to go. This combination of Raven Hair, Pearl Green Lowlights and Glam Gothic Makeup is a dream. We especially love the black lipstick.

Pixie cut green green lowlights short hair with highlights


42. Short hair with highlights and a weave

If you want to protect your natural hair, you can always get a short weave. That way, you have full control over your color choices, especially if you want highlights. Since everything is based on synthetic extensions, you can not go wrong.

weave short hair with highlights


43. Copper Short hair with highlights

If you’ve been watching the styling trends lately, then you know that the show’s star is copper and his friend is rust. Therefore, there is no point in waiting. Jump on this trend while it’s hot, and get some nice copper highlights.

short copper hair with highlights


44. Frosted Tips

Do you remember back in the 90s, when all used to be frosted? They were real. You will be glad to hear that the trend is back. But it’s got a big makeover and that’s the way it looks now. World, meet the contemporary frosted tops!

frosted tips short hair with highlights


45. Blue and amber highlights and lowlights

The highlighting work for this Pixie cut is exquisite. The base is a natural dark smoky brown. However, the highlights are blue with a touch of petrol, bringing them closer to the sea colors than anything else, while the sublight lights are yellow. They warm everything up from inside and shed light on what would otherwise have been a simple styling job.

blue-green short hair with highlights



As we all know, the use of color can definitely increase the attraction not only on the hair, but on the overall appearance. Short hair is easy to wear, easy to care for and protects your hair locks, both thin and thick hair. But what happens if you do not want to dye your hair completely? Of course you decide for one of our great short hairstyles with highlights. Tell us in the comment section below which of your favorites was!

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