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50 glorious shoulder long bob ideas

Dieser ‘Mad Men’ Star hält sich an die Haarfarbe, die ihn auf der ganzen Welt berühmt gemacht hat, und hält ihn mit einem sehr flachen, schulterlangen Bob auf der Höhe der Zeit. Der Schnitt ist sehr einfach und sie lässt die Farbe und das Make-up das ganze Reden führen.

Sometimes Barbie as your inspiration is actually a good thing. This cream blond blonde, perfectly cut in a reversed long bob and paired with a rosy lipstick, is the picture of perfection.

barbie blonde shoulder length bob

12. Bobs and Curls

A shoulder length bob is also perfect for creating mini curls. You can break your curling iron or you can do it the old fashioned way by tying your hair with a headband overnight. Either way it works.

shoulder length bob curls

13. The Hipster Shoulder Length Bob

While not very different in cut or shape from a normal asymmetric bob, a hipster bob is represented by the details. For example, the color must always be an unconventional, like this beautiful salt and pepper gray.

Hipster shoulder-length bob

14. The Blunt Cut

If you’re brave and a really edgy woman, you can always choose the very blunt cut shoulder-length bob. Its main feature is that the ends were not refined at all, leaving you with a very straight finish.

blunt cut shoulder length bob

15. Chocolate cinnamon

No, we are not talking about the recipe for your favorite babka. In fact, we have the recipe for your next favorite hair color. It’s a milk chocolate brown, with a few cinnamon strips here and there that give it a little light.

Chocolate and cinnamon shoulder length bob

16. The featherweight shoulder length Bob

This is a choppy and voluminous bob, very dull and raven colored. You can get this volume by ripping it out with a soft brush or with the necessary hair care products. The shaggy ends are also a must for this type of bob.

feathered raven shoulder length bob

17. The Ombre Shoulder Length Bob

Since the ombre trend has been so big in recent years, there is no reason why you should not apply it to your bob. You can go for the natural look, or you can choose and combine two non-traditional colors.

Ombre shoulder length bob

18. The Cool Shoulder Length Bob

If you want more selfies for your Instagram account, you’ll need a matching bob. And this could only be the coolest. It’s an icy beige blonde, straight and straight, with a dull make-up that goes with it.

cool shoulder length bob

19. The Textured Shoulder Length Bob

If you have fine hair, this is a trick that you will surely appreciate. If you add texture or layers to your hair, it seems that you have much more volume and depth than you actually do. Here are some ideas on how to style thin hair.

structured shoulder length bob

20. Beautiful Pangs

If the shape of your face allows it, you can always make a nice selection of long pockets. Sweep them all by sharing your hair and get that glamorous and mysterious look we all crave. Minimal make-up by day and smoky eyes by night complete this look.

beautiful pony shoulder length bob

21. The waterfall shoulder length Bob

Strand Wellen in einem Wasserfall? Ja bitte! Dies ist ein neuer Haartrend, der beim Sehen schnell auffällt, da er so schön ist. Schauen Sie online nach Tutorials, Tipps und Tricks, wie Sie es selbst machen können. Es ist überhaupt nicht schwer!

Waterfall shoulder length Bob

22. The Jennifer Lawrence

We have to admit. We loved Jen with long hair, but we love her with a shoulder-length bob. Especially in this platinum blond, which brings out her eyes and complexion so well. You can also try adding some caramel roots to keep it natural.

jennifer lawrence shoulder length bob

23. The layered shoulder length Bob

Apart from the great layering this bob offers, we also love the nutmeg color. It is striped with blond, beige and white strands, under lights and peekaboos that really give it a natural feel.

Nutmeg with layer length shoulder length bob

24. The Jennifer Aniston

The days when Jennifer Aniston played Rachel are long gone. Today she goes for a beautiful shoulder-length bob in a very light blond color that makes her look as young as ever and highlights her eyes and sun kissed skin.

jennifer aniston shoulder length bob

25. The asymmetric praise

Another version of the shoulder-length bob is Lob, also known as Langbob. This type of bob starts with the length of the shoulder in the back with some very long strands in the front.

red asymmetric praise shoulder length bob

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