6 Modern ways Men draw longer hairstyles

When it comes to long hair, it becomes a sensitive topic. Some men love their long curls and others can never imagine their hairs being longer than a few inches. One thing is certain, long hair does not have to be boring anymore, here are 6 ways that prefer long hair to style their hairstyles.

1. The Bun


The Man Bun is one of the biggest benefits of long hair. Seriously, who does not want to look like a modern samurai?

2. The Half Braid


We found it very interesting that guys are starting to incorporate braids into their hair to get a more elegant, modern look, we totally love it!

3. Medium waves


Long hair does not always mean shoulder length or more. Medium-length, long-haired hair makes great advances in men’s hair styles, styles like this start quickly.

4. Braids & Shaved


You are looking for a super risky style? This haircut with shaved sides and braided lace has the potential to make you look unique.

5. The Viking


We have the modern Samurai look with men’s buns, so it’s only fair that we get the modern Viking look with long hair and a big beard. Another great look.

6. Au Natural


Some guys look great when they leave their natural hair free! Try the “au natural” and see if it’s right for you.

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