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71 pretty headband hairstyles for girls

Headbands have become a major necessity for women as they prevent your hair from falling to places. Because they are very helpful in places like school, college, office or anywhere, and are also totally fashionable and trendy, headbands give your hair tremendous support and make your face look slimmer and sharper. So many points in!

Anyway, headbands are something that can not only be artificially used, but you can do it with your own hair as well. And if you do not believe it, here is a list of headband hairstyles that you can go through to give you the ultimate look of trend and sharpness, with the ease of not spending money on a fancy hair band.

The two strand braided hair band style is absolutely gorgeous and is super easy to do. Just tie two braids on each side of your hair and pull them up and put them on the opposite styles to get that look. A bit messy here and there would make it look better.

The waterfall hairband look, which may seem complex and tough, but in fact the simplest, is pretty much the one you see. All you have to do is comb your hair back, make a thin braid and then pull pieces from the front through the braid and put it over the head and the tree! There you go.

The French braided hair band, in which all you have to do is tie a French braid to the top of the head and put it over, one is to pay attention to. Not only is this look super naughty, but it also gives your hair a complex and edgy look.

The messy braided waves hair band style where you put a braided hair band in the front part of the head and messy waves on the rest of the hair is a perfect boho look, especially popular for a wedding look. This look can complete any outfit and make you look perfect on any occasion.

The small cornrow headband, suitable for women with short hair on the front, is a sweet and adorable schoolgirl that all ladies can put on. It’s very simple, as it only needs a thin braid on the forehead to complete the task of the look. You can choose straight, curly, wavy or any kind of hair for the rest and will look perfect for all occasions.

A messy bun is always the most popular and comfortable hairstyle for every woman. And if you just give it a bit of Sass, people will have more reasons to turn their heads.

Adding a braided headband at the front and a messy knot at the back is a perfect hairstyle for any formal or casual occasion and would certainly give you the perfection you always wanted.

The Hippie Braid Hair Band, a perfect simple and still unique, is a pine tree case. Instead of putting your braided hair band on your head, put it over your forehead and voila, you have to rock everything.

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