tips hair hairstyle: learn how to make your hair good and light

tips hair hairstyle: learn how to make your hair good and light

May 09, 2018

When it comes to dressing up, finding some people, the difficult task and always looking for tricks to style yourself, good and fast. In this post you will learn our hairstyle tips that will make your life really easier!

-1- If you have the hair ultra-right, and you love yourself, have beautiful curls, there is a little simple trick could help too. As you can see above, roll your hair, use a paper and press it with a rectifier to create a wave. The sheet is a heat conductor that will hold the loop in place.

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2-technology and new! If you want your hair to appear thicker and bigger, a little bit of shade on the eyelids matches the color of the hair along its separation. to try !

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3-This tip will save you a lot of time! Braid your hair in a single braid and guide the straightening iron on it. Should the heat create beautiful curls

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You can also get a beach look without going there, they probably want some spray and salt to finish it. One way to truly create cheap your own jet salt is to combine about 500 ml of carbonated water with a teaspoon of sea salt and pour it into an old bottle pump. You can test it!

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