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Bright Red Hair Ideas for 2019

Bright red is known as an eye-catching shadow and it’s pretty clear why. The red catches our eye from every other shadow. Redheads really know how to have fun with their stimulating hair color. Whether you are looking for some champagne or looking for a neon-red look, here are some redhead models that will thrill you. So, read on and take a look at these beautiful shades of bright red for 2019 , Even if you are already a redhead, you can use one of these colors to refresh your look. bright red hair color

Neon Red

All neon colors are super bright and should be fun. This is a look for ladies with a lot of confidence. However, to make it more challenging, you only need to crimp your hair to achieve this flyaway texture. The most eye-catching part of this hairstyle is the dark red roots adorned with orange and red to match their eye-catching hair. Neon Red Hair Black and Bright Red

For the hot and sexy look, try to combine red and black shades. It works very well to draw attention to medium sized locks. In this design, the hair was dyed in black and then painted in flaming red stripes. When it comes to styling, the strands have been ironed out to show the beautiful transition between the colors. Consider the layered cut, as it gives you more volume.
Black and light red Red-dip dye

Dip Dye is ideal if you do not want to use all the colors. Here, the hair was dyed with a mixture of medium brunette nuances such as hazelnut and chocolate brown. Just at the tips the colorist added a wash of berry red to get a dipping effect. Hair color like this is a great way to get an exciting hairstyle. Red dip dye Candy Apple Ombre

Would you like to embrace your natural texture and change the color? Then try this beautiful brunette to a bright red enamel in an ombre pattern. Here the strands begin in a warm, ashy brown color, which goes down from the ears into the hot red color. The hair is decorated with amazing dimensions and shine. Just a look to fall in love! Candy Apple ombre hair Red Velvet Hair

The Mermaid Hair trend shows crazy colors like green, yellow, blue and even red-pink shades like these. This model has dyed her hair in a vivid red color reminding us of red velvet cakes. The strands were ironed to a smooth curtain to show the rich color combination. Red Velvet Hair Fire Engine Red

You wanted to call the fire department? Well, calm down, nothing is burning! If you want a red hue but not just a red, you can all out and use a fiery red like this. If you look closely, you will notice that the color has a slightly orange undertone and just looks so good. Fire Engine Red Hair

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