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Create the perfect Loose Bun hairstyles for long hair

There are so many great hairstyles that are easy on women with short hair, but what if you have long hair and want to create a hairstyle that works well for you? There are actually many different loose hairstyles for long hair that can work for women of all ages.

Glamorous and Simple

Create the perfect loose bun hairstyles for long hair

One of the best choices of loose bun hairstyles for long hair is when a simple messy bun is paired with a double headband. This look is very simple and adds glamor and style to the hair. This is perfect for a special occasion or a night. Women can enjoy this hairstyle at any age, and it will keep long hair from looking messy while still not overly looking. Gone are the days of tight curls and overflowing dos and welcome are the days of casual, comfortable style.

Falling asleep and need something that looks good

In love-and-need-something-looks-good-quick

If you have a tendency to oversleep and have long hair, then you probably already know how to achieve this wide range of loose hairstyles for long hair. The way this is done is to pull the hair into a ponytail and then turn to a loose knot. It’s quick and easy and most of the time it does not even require the hair to be brushed first, though it will sometimes be necessary to brush back the front of the hair where the ponytail is attached.

The Ponytail Flip Loose Bun


This is a great choice for someone who needs something on the go or is able to change any hairstyle into one of the loose bun hairstyles for long hair on the go. With this style you will make a ponytail. Then you will pretend that you are putting on the rubber band with your ponytail and instead you only pull the hair halfway through the rubber band to create a simple messy style of a bun. This style is a favorite of active women who like to run or play a game without changing. In addition, it is a good choice for mothers, especially new mothers who do not have the experience to keep their long hair out of the baby’s reach.

The Messy Bun

Messy Bun

The official choice of loose bun hairstyles for long hair is the messy bun. This is basically a classic bun, which requires you to damage something after it’s in place. You just have to pull a few strands of hair, loosen the front and maybe stick out a few pieces. This is a style that can be achieved quickly and easily and that looks really good and effortless. This style usually looks more professional until it’s too casual.

One big thing about these big loose bun hairstyles for long hair is that they can look good on anyone and the other is that they are so simple that anyone can make them comfortable from home. There’s no need to hire a stylist or go to the salon to get them done.

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