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Dark hair color ideas for 2019

Whether dark shades or not, these pictures of dark hair colors for 2019 you will definitely be fascinated. Those who think that dark hair looks dull and plain will change their minds after looking at these examples. If you want to achieve one of these looks, you need to be ready for changes. Some vibrant shades decorate and refresh your black or dark brown curls. When you’re ready, let’s start! Dark Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Baby Blue on Dark Waves

Here the color is crucial as it creates a multi-dimensional look. The dark colored waves are highlighted with gray and light blue tones to create a soft twist. Locks like these are not that common, so you’ll have an eye-catching hairdo as soon as you wear those colors. Remember that unnatural colors like green require regular rework! Baby blue on dark waves Black Blue Ombre

This shoulder-hugging hair has a rich black hue that blends beautifully into an electric blue color. The transition is more than visible, but it’s great fun to have such a hair. Apart from the color, also pay attention to the cut, throw some layers for a more professional look. Black Blue Ombre Black to Purple Hair

Actually, we call this color combined magenta melt and it was done in the hand painting style. If you want to replicate this design, ask your stylist to mix different shades like jam, rouge, and velvet. These shades merge together and produce an excellent purple tone. The dark side of these shades is still preserved. Black to purple hair Dark gray hair

The look of this gray ombre is incredible in its fullness and complexity of color. The serenity of gray makes this color, ranging from almost blue-gray to dark gray and silver tones. These tones harmonize fantastically and make the overall impression stand out. Long curls, however, are the best to depict the beauty of the shades. Dark gray hair blond hair

The color mix includes two primary colors dark and light blondes. The colors were made in ombre patterns and look pretty cool. The contrast between the roots and tops is more than alive. The hair is soft enough and nicely trimmed. If you have healthy hair, you can be sure that these shades have an incredible look. Blonde hair color Dark auburn hair

The color of this hairstyle comes from a dark, maroon enamel and looks very delicious light brown accents, which were set nicely against the darker base color of Auburns. The overall effect is bright but rich; it gives the appearance movement and a feminine touch. dark auburn hair

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