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Did you recognize a new hair color Brond?

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You simply can not decide with which hair color as your neighbor you should decorate yourself? Then why not try Brond? Do not misunderstand me please! I do not make any speech mistakes, but I am in the new hair color, which is in vogue. In this post I will introduce you to the new hair color Brond.

What is Brond?

Brond is about a color that is half blonde and half brunette. Mix in the blonde and brown tones and then you can get the wonderful hair color Brond. The process seems very simple. Nevertheless, he is indeed a bit heavy and needs techniques.

Brown hair is brightened by the sun, while the blonde look very natural and shimmer brighter or darker after light. In comparison, the color brond looks happier than brown and radiates warmer than blond.  A certain similarity to the Ombre look is also undeniable. But the Brond crossings are much more fluid than Ombre. The color Brond is softer and more harmonious. In addition, the color is only in slight nuances of each other. Brond is more mature than Ombre look.  Who does Brond stand for?

The color Brond is the perfect mix of two hair colors. The mixture of blond and brown is pretty much everyone. Lighter skin types look pale brown or blond. In contrast, they can benefit from gentle brond and appear fine. For darker types, Brond looks mostly sun-kissed and naturally lightened. The color fits all. Without doubt!  How can you color your hair brond yourself?

Bronde hair to dye itself is unfortunately not a simple matter. But the walk to the professional hairdresser brings with it high costs. If you still want to try to dye your mane brond, you need two steps.  Step 1 Brond: First, tint the hair in a warm, medium brown. The brown should be a bit lighter instead of too dark. If you have brunette hair yourself, you can save yourself this step. The fundamental tone is now reached.  2nd step to Brond: At the moment you bring the desired blonde tint into the look through a coloration wash. For this you should mix the shampoo with bleaching. Then wash the hair with the mixture and rinse hair with it. Avoid the mixture touching your scalp. Because the approaches should be darker than the rest. In addition, a contact time of three to four minutes is sufficient at first completely. Otherwise the hair will be too light.  Do you know now the hair color Brond? Do you like the color? Would you like to try the color? Start by dyeing your Brond hair yourself.

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