Easy to do hairstyle, hair long

The hair of medium length is not so easy to style; c’is l’idee, all women who miss the hair: C’is neither short nor long ??

In our blog hairstyle easy and fast, she tries to fulfill, and tries to assemble that hair is an art that you can control her too … her hairdresser n’is a worry, regardless of the type of hair and something the length.

to do simple hairstyle, just – yourself

easy hairstyle to do hair-mi-long

Ideas for hairstyles, hair with long hair are very diverse and very in fashion. We offer you an idea of Easy to do hairstyle to keep the hair long

Step 1 – Hair with me

Take a section of the hair on the side that she
Split into sections, and then combine to form a braid

Step 2 – Hair with me

Drive with the scythe on the same side as shown in the picture

Step 3 – simple hairstyle, make the hair mi long

well, here are the results they have done, they too one simple hairstyle, long hair without the need d’a barber or lose time,

How to show them, those who moult ‘Tell them that the ideas of the hairstyle are not lacking, the other that they are the model hairstyle, that you’re shown them, you can also do: banana, butt, hairstyle, curly, ponytail …


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