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Fat red and blonde hair colors for 2019

The combination of red and blonde is a perfect way to add extra warmth to your style. The two tones look exceptionally natural when achieved through balayage or ombre techniques. These tones are for women who want to attract attention without a look that’s pretty eye-catching. There are really many ways to play over blonde and red tones. If you are a couple cool red and blonde hair colors for 2019 want to explore, then read on Fat red and blonde hair colors for 2019

Ash red and golden blond

Let that color bring out your inner queen! Make a note of ash for the base color and introduce some of the golden blonde’s balayage highlights to get a unique hair color like this one. Note that the underside highlights are heavier and the overall look looks very sexy. Apply hairspray for extra shine. Finish by giving your curls a wavy contour! Ash red and golden blond Red with blond highlights

Blur your brunette curls with a dark shade of red. Run the two notes side by side from top to bottom to create a hot balayage pattern. Fade in some areas of your locks to add blonde stripes. The end result is a multi-dimensional hair color, which is also a force. Red with blond highlights Copper Red to Copper Blond

Coppery colors look ultra-feminine in the ombre pattern. To create a full style, start with a blowout texture to add some smoothness to your hair. A root shell that extends to a deep copper gives your look a feminine feel. All you need is a shimmering copper in the middle and bottom for a really cool ombre pattern. Copper Red to Copper Blond Red blond ombre

This is a wonderful option for all the blondes out there. It starts with a red base and blends perfectly with the tips to create a bright blonde. You just need a fancy styling to complete your look. Consider braids, ponytails, half-down styles, etc. Red-blond ombre hair color



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