How to make dreads grow

The most effective ways to start your dreadlocks


Gone are the days when dreadlocks were reserved exclusively for the Rastafarians or individuals who had not touched a comb in six years. dreadlocks Today they are a fairly common occurrence and they can be seen everywhere, regardless of the social situation or the income class. Dreads are becoming more popular and you can find them on everyone, from hippies and computer geeks to hipsters and surfers.


So you want some dreads, but you have no idea where to start. How do you start to grow dreadlocks?

There are many different types and processes to start your dreads, such as the scouring-wool method, the general neglect, or the very expensive dread perm. However, we would backcombing recommend as the most successful and hair-friendly of all procedures.

dreadlocks dreadlocks dreadlocks dreadlocks

By far the most popular, and effective way to do dreads is toup.

You should divide your hair into squares for any anxiety you want, determine the thickness yourself and then secure it with rubber bands near your skull.

Once you have clearly differentiated the different sections, you should start Backcoming. Use a metal comb and start about an inch away from your scalp, start combing the hair back towards the head, this should be done until the hair is wrapped in nice and tight and the bottom of the anxiety, then you should move the fear up until the whole thing is done.

Every fear should be made that way, and at the end of the process everyone should be fastened with a rubber band at the top of the scare. A thick, all-natural dread wax should be used to hold the dreads in shape and look neat.

Buy a residue-free shampoo and give your hair a gentle wash after about a week, a small amount of wax should be used regularly gently rolling your dreads every day will help them to mature.



Backcombing is a natural way to launch your dreads and will not do any chemical damage. The process instantly makes the hair look like dreadlocks and they should not take too long to mature, 3 months is about the average time for dreadlocks when done through backcombing.



Backcombing can be incredibly time consuming, and you should expect it to take at least a few hours. It’s best to try and convince some friends to help you make them or come to your local Dread Salon for help. It can also be incredibly painful when you start backcoming for the first time, and it takes a lot of willpower to survive the long process.


Getting dreadlocks requires a lot of dedication You need a lot of maintenance to make them look good, especially in the first few months. Dreads are addictive and once you have them you will find it very hard to look back.
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