How to style a modern pompadour

The modern pompadour is a stylish variation of a classic style. While the men’s pompadour hairstyle is one of the most popular looks in hair salons nowadays, styling the pompadour can be challenging for men who have no experience with pomade or hair wax. But if you’re looking for tips on how to style a modern pompadour, we can help you turn your hair into a glory. Our guide will explain how to comb a pompadour, use the best products and introduce you to all kinds of pompadours.

From the pompadour fade and undercut to the messy, textured, hard part, this cool hairstyle for men is blonde enough to fit any man’s hair. As a trendy look with a touch of traditional sophistication, it’s no wonder that the modern pompadour has been in the limelight in recent years and has become a top men’s haircut for 2018.

Short, long, fat

Modern pompadour

What is the modern pompadour?

The Pompadour is a classic men’s hairstyle that combines simple traditionalism with a touch of modern invention. While modern pompadour has historical origins and classic pompadour became popular in the ’50s and’ 60s, experienced hairdressers have reworked the look for contemporary men.

The basics of pompadour are short hair on the sides of the head with longer (3 to 5 inches) hairs at the top. Some types prefer very short, buzzing sides, while others prefer a softer pair of scissors or a rejuvenated haircut to soften the look. For the sides we recommend a high bare fade for a high-contrast finish, which is why the pompadour fade is the most common version of the style. However, guys can also choose the pompadour underline, depending on their personal preferences.

How to style a pompadour

Normally the hair is the longest in the front and becomes shorter to the back from the back. Styling is the most important part of getting a good pompadour, and the hair is swept back from the front of the head to create a supple pomp. Depending on how much product you use and how long your hair is, the pomp can be big and eye-catching or a subtle addition of volume.

Modern pompadour + low fade

Modern vs. Classic Pompadour Although modern pompadour is much more popular these days, some guys still enjoy retro hairstyles styling. While it may be difficult to notice the subtle difference between modern and classic pompadour, the new pomp is generally a more relaxed look with short, faded sides, while the traditional version has more structure and defined styling on the top with longer hair on the back Pages needed.

Modern vs Classic Pompadour

The different ways to cut a pompadour reflect the more conservative men’s hairstyles of earlier generations, and much of the same applies to old school haircuts such as the side panel and the smooth back. After all, fades and undercuts are a relatively new hair trend for men!

Classic pompadour

How to style a pompadour

To learn how to style a pompadour you need good hairstyling products. Hair wax and pomade are best used as both have a strong hold and keep the pomp high throughout the day. This is important because the Pompadour effectively resists gravity to maintain the volume and does not stay in place, so you need a fair amount of hair product to wear this hairstyle all day long.

How To Do A pompadour

Here’s a basic guide on how to make a pompadour. Follow these steps to apply a hair product and style a modern pompadour.

  1. Start with damp, towel-dry hair. Feel free to wear pomade, wax or clay through your hair, but it is not necessary unless your hair is thick and difficult to style.
  2. Blow-dry the hair and comb it up and back. Concentrate on creating volume in the front and sweeping the sides back.
  3. If your hair is almost dry, use a brush to hold the longer hair forward – this will help shape the pompadour. Continue to blow dry in this position to maintain height and volume until the hair is properly styled.
  4. At this stage, you should have the pompadour style. To refine the look and make sure it stays, use more hair product. If necessary, consider a hairspray.
  5. Take a small amount of pomade or wax, rub it between your hands to warm it up and then gently apply your hairstyle. Similarly, you can gently run the product through your hair with your fingers, starting with the sides and saving the front for the end. Use a strong hold pomade on the front to hold the hairstyle in position throughout the day.

For a textured pompadour with a natural look, use a medium to thick hair wax; otherwise the best pomades will give a shiny finish.

How to make a pompadour

How to comb a pompadour

The styling of a pompadour is one thing, but the right comb will make it easier. For example, it is important to pick the right comb species to comb the pompadour. If your hair is on the thicker side, use a comb with broad or medium tooth thickness instead of a fine one. You still have the control to straighten your hair, but you will not be tedious to pull the comb through. However, if you have thin hair, use a fine-toothed comb for maximum control.

How to comb a pompadour

Add a little water to the teeth of your comb before brushing the pomade through your hair will help keep the style supple. Apart from that, all you have to do is brush your cord to make sure you’re going in the right direction. For the front comb back, but comb the middle and the sides of the hair straight back to create a contrast to the pomp.

Cool pompadour hairstyles

Best Hair Products for the Pompadour

The best hair product for a pompadour depends on how you want your hairstyle to look. Different pompadour hair products will supply different ready-made styles, and while all of them look great, which version you want to determine what kind of products to apply.

For example, the best pomades from brands such as Suavecito, Layrite, Imperial Barber, American Crew and Baxter of California generally provide a strong hold and a high-gloss finish. While a premium hair wax or clay can provide the same high hold, but with a natural matte texture. A smooth or textured pompadour is all yours.

Here are the best hair products for styling a pompadour.

Pompadour Fade

The Pompadour Fade is a edgy modern version of the classic cut. Instead of having only short pages, the pages have faded to the neck. The fading haircut requires barbers to progressively shorten your hair in a trendy technique that has become very popular in recent decades.

Pompadour Fade

And with so many different types of taper fades, guys can have total control over how they adapt to their modern pomp. For example, you can ask your hairdresser for a high, medium, low, and bald fade to create a unique modern pompadour bezel that you love.

Modern pompadour fade

Like the pompadour undercut, this variation of style embodies the contrasting modern twist that reflects the super cool “short sides, long top” hair style trend. Ultimately, the fading of the pages brings the pomp directly from the 1950s and into the hottest barber shops of today.

Short pompadour

The short pompadour is often worn smooth and supple, and can be a good choice for guys with really thick hair, hard-to-manage curly or wavy hair. Instead of adding volume to the volume of your hair, the short pompadour has only a few inches of height. To compensate, the sides of the whole body are hummed very short, so this style of pompadour is very easy to maintain and style every morning.

Short pompadour

If you want a stylish short haircut, but not ‘If you’re trying too hard to style or grow your hair, then the short pompadour may be the best hairstyle for you.

Short pompadour + high taper fade

Long pompadour

In the long pompadour, medium to long hair is on top, while the sides are still faded or undercut. Giving more length gives you more styling options and gives you a sense of direction. For example, on days when you are bored with the modern pomp, long hair gives you the flexibility to style a quiff, a smooth back, textured brush or square fringe.

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