Idea simple hairstyle 2019

Our blog to make the hairstyles are easy and fast offers you ideas of simple hairstyles for all occasions and for every type of hair.

How to style yourself ?

How to make a hairstyle quick and easy ?

These are questions that most women ask and through our blog, we try to give you ideas, hairstyle, easy to satisfy your taste.

Idea, simple hairstyle, N1

C’is one Idea, simple hairstyle a simple updo for special occasions as well as for every day.

n’make that the little pins, a comb on the hair; and short or band at your option

You can also add accessories according to your choice

Keep exactly the steps and you will get great results

And here are the results

A very nice updo easy to do, it serves in special occasions.

Idea, simple hairstyle, N2

We offer you Idea, simple hairstyle: lichen

C’is a simple hairstyle to do

N’t have to put those small pins with a rubber band and a comb in the hair.

First, take a large part (about 1/3 of the hair) l’behind on one side of the head. Commencez√† weave in this section, adding more hair-q

Continue to braid French, until you have a built-in set of hair.

Finish braiding your hair and tie it up.

Fold her hair in two and roll up in her French braid. (This step may vary depending on the amount of hair).

follow our next ideas of hairstyles

Hairstyle tutorials are easy to do and C’is always following the latest trends hairstyle 2013



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