Introducing the Man Bun: The Hairstyle All Men Should Get for 2015

Long hair was once reserved for rock gods and exhalations, and it was usually associated with an excessively large number of face piercings and tattoos. It was thought that a man with long hair was not quite successful. I can even remember my dad telling me very early, “Never marry a man with long hair, he’s not going anywhere!”

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My God, how things have changed. Enter that Man bun ! This new hairstyle challenges stereotypes around the world, with more and more men growing lush curls to rock Man Bun. Not to be confused with the topknot, the undercut, or a lazy knot that is Man Bun, when hair is pulled from the forehead and tied only in the middle of the head, and it can give hair if that’s your craving. The Man Bun proves so popular that there are countless Youtube videos that explain to men everywhere how to do the look.

man bun hairstyle

It has so many different possibilities that it is ridiculous! The Man Bun can be relaxed and relaxed or office-oriented. It can turn into a wild, disheveled “just out of bed” mess or into a chic-looking gentleman’s cut. Boundless opportunities are abundant and women will appreciate each one.

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How should you wear your Man Bun?

The truth is, you’re hot in every way you make a man bun, shit. But we understand that everyone has their own unique styles to bring their hair together, so here are a few options for the different Man Bun looks:

  • Office Appropriate : Slip the top of your hair and tie it back in a neat bun. This combined with a good suit and tie not only looks professional but is also irresistible. Just btw.


  • Sporty look : Think David Beckham. A loose knot with a few hairs that got stuck.


  • Rugged : Ah! The combination of a messy man’s bun and a nice beard … .. I can not even go on.


If these options are not enough to convince you to grow your hair for a man bun, then you have it all to do is take a look at the latest celebrities who jump on the bandwagon. Jake Gyllenhaal is the last in a long line of famous men you’ve seen, and we can not imagine him now with anything else. Bradley Cooper Man Bun has women everywhere who try to convince their partners to grow their hair to have just a little of their imagination at home.


F: How long does it take to breed a man’s bun?

A : If you start with short hair, a man’s bun can take more than a year and a half to outgrow when your starting point is middle length should not take more than 8 months

The great thing about the Man Bun is that it is suitable for everyone, whether face or style. So, if you have not started growing your hair to at least try the Man Bun, then you better get started soon, otherwise you could basically miss the sexy hairstyle since … .. Well. Eh and ever.

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enjoyed these hairstyles? Then you will for sure Undercut hairstyle enjoy.

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