Long hairstyles for every man

long hairstyles

Long hair offers many style options. Here are some of the great styles we’ve seen lately that can look good on all men.

Undercut It

If you like the look of long hair, but hate how hot it may seem when working or in summer The undercut offers you an option. There are many ways to achieve this. The hair can be cut to the floor at will.

long hairstyles

Put It Away

Part of the beauty of long hair is that you can get creative with it. Many guys with long hair wear it in messy buns that remind of the bedhead. Tying the hair behind the neck is another popular look that keeps hair out of the way.

long hairstyles


Lichen is easy to get hold of and contains hair. Many rockers and singers have had this look for years. You can braid half and let loose some of it.

long hairstyles

Adding layers

Layers add dimension and body, while letting some of the weight take away make a hairdo look lifeless. Layers are easy to get with any hair clipper, with a few guys just taking out the scissors and doing it themselves. A feathered look can highlight any facial features that you want to highlight.

long hairstyles

Shoulder length

The shoulder length is still quite long, but for active men it can be much more manageable. If your company still has a dress code, you can have that style sooner than longer ones. This is a good choice for people with curly hair who like to keep it long like Jason Mamoa.

long hairstyles

Embrace your Fro

If you want hair If it grows then you should think about it. A well-groomed can look good. Remember to use the right products so it does not look tired and worn out.

long hairstyles

Medium length long and beard

The combination of a medium-length cut and a medium-sized beard is currently a hot look that can give a lot of emphasis to your eyes. Hair shells give this rustic look depth and fascination.

long hairstyles

Surfer style

Many surfers tend to wear their hair longer than a lot of guys over the years. Long hair layers are often several colors. Although you can get some great highlights by lying in the sun, a good hairdresser can give you individual highlights. This is especially useful if you want to keep your style during the winter months.

long hairstyles

Half Up and Half Down

This is easy to do for any guy with long hair. You can simply tie half of your hair back to a ponytail, braid half of it, or make a messy bun. You can even equip with hair sticks or something if you like a bohemian look.

long hairstyles

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