Men’s hairstyles 2019

Men’s hairstyles 2019

Dyeing – but with taste!

In the past, the desire to dye one’s hair sprang from the dream of every woman; to please by variety. For the actress, who has to play many roles, if she wants to succeed, a constant change of hairstyle and hair color is a matter of course.

Men's hairstyles 2019

Men’s hairstyles 2019

The modern working woman can hardly do without the color magic of Figaro. Who wants to blame her if she has to endeavor to cover up the first gray hair and to counter color aberrations with discoloration in the existential and competitive struggle. A woman over the age of forty makes every effort to maintain a good position, even through good looks. She knows exactly what role aging and fatigue can play in modern business life.

Men's hairstyles 2019 B

Men’s hairstyles 2019 B

She knows the thoughtless and often momentous words: “I’m sorry, too old for us!” In addition, she knows her Pappenheimer and knows that many a man “corrected” his graying temples to appear younger. So she goes to her barber and does the same. And she will insist that “it” does not stand out.

There are only a few shades of color, which are indeed striking and yet charming; but these are the famous exceptions that confirm the rule. So can older women z. B. risk the gray-blue tint; they usually look good on it. Even the brightly dyed lock in the brunette hair of young ladies pleases most men.

Men's hairstyles 2019 C

Men’s hairstyles 2019 C

What never appeals, however, are discolored hair or neglected colors, under which the hair moves backward.

Please always remember that hair color and eyebrows must be coordinated. A dark-haired woman should never turn around on platinum blond, just to give a striking example. On the other hand, it looks very good to give maroon hair a reddish gold glow.

They want and can not become “no other woman”. You can emphasize with all cosmetic aids only your “self” in the effect. With skin and hair, you always remain the one when you were born. Only those who feel comfortable in their own skin are advised to help, and how to improve the effect of their appearance. You can not expect more from a first-class barber. Moderation is the supreme of all the rules of good taste.


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