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When it comes to stylish hairstyles, Asian men are second to none. It does not matter what kind of hair a person has, there is a wide selection of short Asian men’s hairstyles. These styles range from traditional side sweeps and fades to modern spikes. No other nationality can boast of such a wide range of men’s hairstyles. See why Asian men are more attractive and contemporary compared to other people. Here you will find a selection of 40 great men’s hairstyles to choose from.


short Asian men's hairstyles

This simple haircut is ideal for people with thick hair, something that many Asian men of different backgrounds have. It is a low-maintenance haircut that gives a mature look despite a clean cut. Try it and you might fall in love with this cool style.

2. Spiked hairstyle

short Asian men's hairstyles

Among all the short Asian men’s hairstyles, the Spike style is suitable for all ages and could be the reason for its great popularity, aside from its great looks. Anyone with average Asian hair can easily think about it.

3. Top ponytail and shaved sides

short Asian mens hairstyles

If you need a stress-free cut that does not need too much care, this is a great haircut. All it takes is to shave the hair on both sides and the top part has to be pulled up into a ponytail. Put on good-looking glasses and you’ll turn heads.

4th Party Top Up

short Asian mens hairstyles party top up
This is a great style for young people and will make you stand out, whether you’re in the gym, walking around with friends or attending a college lecture. The hair is held up long, but the back and sides are shaved. The funky style also rubs off on your personality. It makes someone look hip and attractive without giving a childish look. It is perfect for fun-loving Asian men who love short Asian male hairstyles.

5. A simple cut for thick hair

short Asian men's hairstyles
If you have thick hair and want a casual look that is still suitable for formal situations, try this hairstyle. It is common with men of Korean origin who have thicker hair than other Asians. It’s a combination of cropped sides and beautifully shaped, stylishly cut hair.

6. Robust men cut with beard

short asian mens hairstyles mens cut with beard
If you have a thick beard and want to project a hard look, then this is the hairstyle you should go. The beard and loose hair, which are stylishly arranged in layers, will attract much attraction from the opposite sex. Try it and you’ll like this style, which is inspired by the lumberjack look.

7. Short and long hairstyle with designs

short Asian mens hairstyles
short Asian mens hairstyles with designs


8. Slick Back Style

Slick Back Style
This style is similar to the short Asian hairstyles that have been popular for decades. It’s a proven hairstyle. You will look good if you have straight and soft hair. You can also use it as a follow-up after a fading haircut.

9. Hairstyle with front focus

Who said you can not look younger, even when you’re middle-aged? Try this great hairstyle, which became very popular when Vern Yip, the designer, decided to wear it at a UNICEF event. The front part of the hair is cut using gel and fingers and formed into a pointed cone. The remaining hair is combed back for a sober and improved appearance.

10. Backward hairstyle

A hairstyle that becomes popular again after the high days of the 1990s, when it was very popular with men wearing a macho dress and big combat boots. The sides are elegantly cut and the rest of the hair is a bit long, split, combed back and fixed with a generous amount of gel. This hairstyle was brought back from its heyday by Miyavi, who wore it during a movie premiere.

11. Soap Series Sweep

If you’re a fan of Parry Shen’s appearance at the General Hospital Soap Opera, you can achieve that look with this discreet hairstyle. It adds a touch of romance and mystery to your performance. You can just put a hair dryer on your damp hair to give it a cool height. This hairstyle shows your temples and eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows beautifully groomed to give you the best look.

12. Short structured hairstyle

This is a cute, safe and stylish hairstyle that will give you a youthful but sober look. The sides are cut shorter than the top, which is formed with point throws to gentle spines. The final effect is achieved by using a fixation gel and your hand while the hair is still moist. Shaofeng Feng used this very well when he won a movie premiere.

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