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Old Blonette New Scan order?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of the most iconic hair dye fusion yet – Blonette or Blondette hair colors , The colors became very popular a few years ago. And that is absolutely justified. Each woman represents the combination of black and white, the good and the crazy, the angel and the demon. However, these one-dimensional hair colors seem to be replaced by more modern concepts. In any case, it seems that blonette farber colors 2018 are still in vogue, they are represented only with some variations such as Mega Brønde hair color, or ash and Mattblond.

Best Blonde Hair Colors 2018

Here comes the moment of controversy. Now we have the most common trend of Balayage hair coloring. The question is, what is better, what is more stylish – the bronette or the balayage? Let’s see some examples to be able to make appropriate decisions about your next hair color.

Soft bronde hair shadow

Mouse blonde hair colors

soft brown blonde hair shadow

blondeette hair colors 2018

Some say that there are hair colors and hey refer to mousy brown or ash brown hues. I totally disagree with the statement. Depending on hair quality, shine and shine you can achieve the most fascinating look with natural nude hair colors. Dyeing hair in Blondon hair colors 2018 will be trendy due to the fact that natural looks are what we all are looking for and what trends are becoming mainstream.

Shades of blonde for brunettes – blonette hair colors 2018

blonette hair colors 2018 bright bronze blond hair

cream blonde hair colors 2018

In reality, I consider brondette hair enhancement and coloring to be a lot of expertise. These are not really layered highlights, but a monochrome color that looks like blond from a single point of view and is absolutely brown and brunette from a different angle. This masterful play of light is the reason why the combination of blond and brown shades is so stylish, no matter what the season and what trends.

Balayage hair colors 2018 to test

Balayage hair colors 2018 Balayage Hair Colors Ideas 2018

For the lovers of volume and infinite levels illusion here is another solution to get the trendiest Fusion – Balayage. The hair dyeing technique came to us in the 70s when it was first used in the Paris hairdressing salon. Then up have balayage hair colors go through extreme evolution, have turned and have come to a level that can hardly achieve any other emphasis method.

blonde brunette Balayage hair color 2018 blonde balayage hair color 2018

As you can see for yourself, it is possible to maintain your duality and mutable nature. Either choose a color that reflects the wonderful play of shadow and light. Or opt for the ultramodern and modern balayage technology.

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