What’s good, for which short hairstyles 2018

What’s good, for which short hairstyles 2018 ? That was actually the most important question. Nessler had used it for twenty years before, after innumerable experiments, he discovered that short hair, bathed in an alkali solution, then wound up and exposed to a certain heat, attracts itself. Not just overnight, but for weeks or months, depending on the condition. Millions of smooth-haired women breathed out: at last there was a remedy, which was the short one hair so curly that they no longer hung in streaks when the air was too humid or too humid. Some women complained of the heat they had to endure in this new procedure, others of the long-term treatment, or the fact that tender hair was strained too much. But everyone wanted to be modern and accepted these strains, without flinging their eyelashes. The triumphant march of the perm was unstoppable.

blue pigtail short hairstyles 2018

blue pigtail short hairstyles 2018

blue pigtail short hairstyles 2018

Nessler’s great success left no rest for his competitors. Numerous experiments have been undertaken to improve the hot-wave. Each year, new methods and new apparatus emerged. For sensitive hair, the so-called lukewarm perm was invented. But the search continued.

Towards the end of the Second World War, the company Harris Kurzhaarfrisuren 2018 surprised women with a so-called ” Cold perm “, Which you can also turn at home. the Americans first made of this new method, which is also called ” Home perms “Was touted, use.

Some time later, German branded companies also launched coldwell supplements, which allow a woman, if she is very skilled and follows the instructions, to use her hair without the help of the hairdresser herself.

crazy short hairstyles 2018

crazy short hairstyles 2018

The great competition in the Western world ended with about half of all women remaining faithful to the hot or lukewarm perm, and the others favoring the cold wave, which some people make at home for savings, while the others have them run by their barber ,


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